Survivor 2017 Season 34 of CBS’s long running series has wrapped its filming though we won’t see the show air until March 8th 2017, but when we do there will be a lot of familiar faces.

Survivor 2017 Season 34 Game Changers

During the S33 finale Jeff Probst revealed that Survivor 2017’s theme will be “Game Changers” celebrating all the past players who have shifted the way the game is played. This is a departure from initial suspicions of a winners vs jury vs non-jury three way tribe set up. That didn’t happen according to the spoilers for the cast list and it’s still not clear why there’s such an odd ball mix of players, but maybe it just came down to who they could get.

Survivor 2017 Cast

Production has recruited a full set of twenty castaways for the Survivor 2017 cast from previous seasons including both winners, runner-ups, non-jury, jurors, and everywhere in between. In fact, they’ve even got a few castaways from the recent Survivor 2016 season!

The full cast was announced and officially confirmed by CBS on February 8th, four weeks before the season premiere. The names matched previously released Survivor spoilers.

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Survivor 2017 Filming Location

Filming for Survivor 2017 took production back to Fiji where they also filmed Survivor Season 33 which is set for a fall broadcast. Allegedly the season’s cast were flown to location in late May which means filming is all done and production even already knows who won.

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Survivor 2017 Schedule & Premiere

Survivor returned until March 8, 2017 when the season begins a little later than normal. Things are being shifted out to accommodate the “Hunted” TV series, another new reality show on CBS. That will be airing on Wednesday nights from late January until early March so Survivor Season 34 will be delayed just a bit.

The Survivor schedule has new episodes each Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS through the rest of the season. Two-hour episodes are expected, but we don’t have any scheduled dates yet for those.

With twenty former castaways heading back to the Survivor beach there are sure to be some hits and misses in the mix but it’ll be interesting to see how this batch of production picked players works out after the recent season featuring fan selections. Could be a gamble.

Survivor 2017 Bootlist – Official Results:

  1. Ciera Eastin: episode 01
  2. Tony Vlachos: episode 01
  3. Caleb Reyolds: episode 02
  4. Malcolm Freberg: episode 03
  5. “JT” Thomas: episode 04
  6. Sandra Diaz-Twine: episode 05
  7. Jeff Varner: episode 06
  8. Hali Ford: episode 07
  9. Ozzy Lusth: episode 08
  10. Debbie Wanner: episode 09
  11. Zeke Smith: episode 10
  12. Sierra Thomas: episode 11
  13. Andrea Boehlke: episode 12
  14. Michaela Bradshaw: episode 12
  15. Cirie Fields: episode 13
  16. Aubry Bracco: episode 13
  17. Tai Trang: episode 13

Final 3: Brad, Sarah, and Troyzan

Winner: Sarah Lacina

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