Update:  The filming location in Nicaragua is San Juan del Sur in the southern region of the country and both 21 and 22 will be filmed there.  I would expect 22 to include some past players.

As we saw last night Survivor’s 21st season will air in Nicaragua.  Filming will begin soon and probably back to back as we saw with Samoa.  No word yet on another all stars for Survivor 22.

We didn’t see any insight into what is to come but Probst did suggest a big twist, “something that may surprise them all.”  He has already claimed the return of the hidden immunity idol but in a different way since Russell has been on the show. 

We also didn’t get any information as to the actual location in Nicaragua but the Italian version was filmed in the Pearl Cays.  Probst said the country had an “expansive rainforest; impenetrable terrain; smoldering volcanos and savage wildlife.”  Sounds like an exciting season is coming to us in September. 

Be sure to check in with us for any updates on players and news of the approaching season.