Survivor 2013 - Episode 12 Redemption Island

Redemption Island on Survivor Blood Vs Water is nearly ready to come to an end, again, and send the last remaining player back in to the game, again. Right now we’ve got Tina and Laura at the RI camp with Caleb on his way to join them following last week’s surprise vote-out. Those three will face off in a new challenge where the loser will be eliminated and the top two stay in the game.

CBS released photos of the challenge and unlike a few of the quick races this one could take awhile. The castaways will have to build a house of cards, of sorts, and it’ll be a big one. We can see a ladder set up behind each of the stations so I’m guessing they’ll be doing some climbing to put their stacks together and reach a certain height.

This challenge is going to require a LOT of patience and steady hands, just like the other challenge we’ll be watching tonight on Survivor.

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