Survivor 2014 Cagayan

CBS has just released our first look at Survivor Cagayan 2014 with photos from the camp including the Immunity Necklace, castaways’ torches, banners, and oh yes even the Tribal Council set up.

So far we know the Survivor 2014 twist this upcoming season will feature three groups: Brains, Brawn, & Beauty. Based on the provided Tribal Council photo it’s confirmed that there will be six castaways per group so eighteen players altogether for Survivor 2014! Even better news is what we learned before: all new players. Phew. No retreads this time around which makes me happy.

This season of Survivor was filmed again in the Philippines and the setting is gorgeous just as you’d expect though we’re interested in seeing just what sort of competition the scenery gets from that Beauty team.

Check out the photos released below and then get ready for the Survivor 2014 premiere in late February. The new season will be here soon and we’ll be covering it all for you once again.

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Source: CBS