Survivor 2012 One World episode 6

Facing a tough competitor, Manono takes on Salani in the first battle of the night: luxury challenge for the chance to eat ice cream until their stomachs burst.

Surprisingly Manono does way better than I expected but it isn’t enough. Salani wins the challenge and takes the prize. This could be a long few weeks if Manono doesn’t turn this around soon. Let’s see if those spoilers were true.

Before we get to the next challenge there’s drama. Lots of drama! Colton is having a medical situation and it could be appendicitis according to the medical team. Jeff explains to Colton that if he leaves to go to the hospital that he’s out of the game for good. Sure enough, looks like Colton is gone from Survivor One World. Oh, and he took the hidden immunity idol with him as a souvenir. Hah!

Tree-Mail calls both tribes to Council tonight and that’s making everyone nervous. No one knows what is going to happen.

Be change tonight at Tribal Council. The tribes are gone. The teams have merged. It’s every castaway for themselves starting right now. Six men. Six women.

Since Colton dropped out of the game this week there’s no elimination this time around. The battle picks back up next week.