Survivor Jeff Probst

Survivor will return for its 24th season in early 2012 and there are already rumors floating around on what we could expect next time around, according to Reality Blurred who has collected up some interesting potential spoilers.

First rumor is the season’s title: Survivor One World. Hmm, okay. Have they run out of locations? At least it’s not Survivor: Jersey Shore where weekly immunity challenges consist of getting immunized against venereal diseases. So what the “One World” could refer to is the rumor that the tribes will be living on the same beach. Even better is that the tribes will allegedly split men vs. women.

Next up is something I’m quite grateful to see end: retreads. We got it all this past summer with Big Brother and in the past two seasons of Survivor. Enough already! Allegedly we won’t be getting any returning castaways, just all new faces.

Should the rumors stand we could be looking at Survivor One World with one camp, two tribes, and no familiar faces except for the man himself, Jeff Probst.

Are you ready for a brand new season of Survivor?