Last week on Surivor One World, Tarzan’s underwear was the hot topic (at least it’s no longer Colton). Were they poopy or weren’t they?

In this secret scene Chelsea talks more about his “nasty, brown, stained underwear.” And I get where she’s coming from. The conditions on the island are unpleasant enough without throwing your cloting into¬† a pot of poo stew. I’m on your side Chelsea.

It’s not all about the underwear, though. She touches on how random he is and off-the-wall he can be. Then how others, he’s easy to get along with. There’s something deeper going on there with Tarzan.¬†Dementia maybe? I tend to find what’s going on with him to be more sad than annoying.

I’m really starting to wonder what the casting directors were smoking this season when they cast these people. The casting was either amazingly stupid or amazingly brilliant. I’m not sure yet.