Survivor Philippines Episode 10 Recap: Abi-Maria Backed Against The Wall


This week on Survivor 2012 Philippines, what should happen couldn’t happen, so the castaways went for the next best thing. That statement isn’t as cryptic as it sounds if you’ve been paying attention to this season.

But before I get ahead of myself, let me back up to the beginning.

This week’s episode opens on Abi and Pete trying to force themselves into feeling bad about Artis leaving. Everyone else is scrambling to figure out their next move. A lot of stuff is up in the air with the tribe now.

Lisa and Abi talking about what happened at tribal. Lisa is trying to prove her loyalty. And, me and everyone else who watches Survivor, is trying to figure out what Lisa cares and why she hasn’t ditched Abi and Pete. Enough is enough, Blair!

And a sensible conversation of course turns aggressive from Abi. I’m sure it’s just the island, but I’m wondering if that girl has any social skills beyond being an a-hole.

The award challenge this week gives the winning team a “thing of beauty.” They will win a spa day — baths, massages, manicures and a delicious feast. As for the game itself, I have no idea how to explain it (even after I watched it twice), so I’ll just skip to who the teams are and who wins.

The Red Team was Abi, Carter, Malcolm and Pete. The Yellow Team was Penner, Denise, Lisa and Skupin.

The Red Team wins. With no help from Abi, who helped the Yellow Team score by mistake.

The winning team heads off to their spa day and everyone watching is hoping someone throws Abi overboard. But unfortunately that doesn’t happen. The four of them relax and enjoy the baths, massages and the food. They realize that they’re all the young players and all the oldsters are back at camp not enjoying a spa day.

But that’s not to say the older players were not relaxing. Oh, they were. They were enjoying time away from Abi. And that was short-lived. When the younger players returned, Abi spent the rest of the evening rubbing it in, not letting anyone else speak, and just being “the most annoying Survivor castaway ever,” as Survivor itself called her in this week’s promo commercial.

“Abi has all the social grace of a Mac truck,” Malcolm said. He hit the nail on the head.

In between all the Abi hate, Malcolm and Skupin have a talk and decide to pitch a final four deal with the two of them, Denise and Lisa. Skupin check in with Lisa and lays the offer on the table. She seems very intrigued. As does Skupin. Lisa and Skupin talk it out and start weighing their options. They decide the trust Penner over Malcolm. So, scratch that plan.

But Penner isn’t ready to make final four deals right now. He does’ t want to make any commitments. He says it’s too early for him to say.

So will Lisa and Skupin go back to Malcolm. Yes. Lisa, Malcolm, Denise and Skupin meet and shape on the final four deal. For now.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s another knot/relay/obstacle challenge. It’s pretty convoluted but has no strength or skill, so it’s an even playing field and anyone’s game. The first five to make it through the first round move on. The three who don’t make it to the next round were Pete, Abi and Lisa.

The three who make it thorough the next round first move on to the final round. The three moving on are Skupin, Carter and Denise. Malcolm is out.

Carter wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 7.

And now it’s time for the who’s going home talk. You know, the talk that really gets us as viewers no where because of editing? Yeah, that one. I think it would be a safe bet to say that Abi would be going home if she didn’t have the immunity idol. That’s what everyone’s wanting, but they know she’s going to play the idol.

So what’s going to happen? Enough speculation, let’s cut to Tribal Council.

Malcolm feels like he’s in danger. Abi is smiling at the jury (getting called out by Jeff Probst) and Skupin talks about voting for people with the idol. Pete talks about his alliance’s fall from grace. And then it’s back to Abi. She tries to make nice from last week’s and then blames some of her attitude on culture and her language barrier.

Denise, the therapist, calls B.S. and I love it. Abi says she’s surprised that no one on the show likes her because her real life is nothing like this. So is it a matter of being misunderstood or what we’re all thinking? Who knows.

Let’s get to the results. This is going no where. Abi decides to play her her immunity idol. Malcolm does not. So who to the votes play out?

Abi – 3 votes
Malcolm – 2 votes
Pete – 3 votes

Since Abi played her idol, Pete is voted out and becomes the fourth member of the jury.


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