Lisa Whelchel might not have won Survivor Philippines but she’s about to walk away from the experience with more than just the $100,000 “fan favorite” prize money. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Whelchel has revealed she’ll be guest co-hosting “The Jeff Probst Show”:

The great part is that it hasn’t really ended and the dream has not stopped because I got to play Survivor and now I’m actually going to be doing some co-hosting on Jeff’s talk show for the next couple of weeks. So the prizes just keep coming.

We’re going to try out a little co-hosting and see how that works so I’m gong to try a handful of shows with him this week that will air in January. We really did have some good back and forth at Tribal Council. It felt right, and it was fun and easy and hopefully we can bring that to his talk show too.

According to Jeff Probst in an interview with Larry King, the show’s ratings are not doing well which is likely driving their interest in trying something new, like bringing on Lisa Whelchel.

Will you tune in to watch Whelchel guest co-host with Jeff Probst?

Sources: EW & Reality Blurred