This week on Survivor Philippines, Abi played her idol, which helped send Pete packing from the game. And like every week, a cleaned-up Pete sat down for his Survivor exit interview the day after.

And Pete actually comes off as a much nicer and likable person in his interview. During the game he was a bit hard to like, but he redeems himself in the video posted below.

I particularly like what he says about why he came on Survivor and what he’s taking home from his experience.

“This is my personal therapy,” Pete said. “I needed a real kick in the butt. And this just gave me everything I needed to bring home and apply it to my life.¬†At home I got complacent and I knew that coming on survivor was going to put me into high gear.”


“I’ve learned that I can dig deep,” Pete continued. “When I get home I’m going to use this game as an example to attack life.”

Find out what else Pete had to say about his Survivor Philippines experience and be sure to check back here for all of your Survivor news, results and recaps.