Last week on Survivor Philippines, Artis made it no secret that he was unhappy with Skupin cutting a deal with Penner, which resulted in the Kalabaw Tribe getting the reward and the Tandang Tribe ending up with a little bit of extra rice.

“Well-played Penner,” Artis says in the secret scene posted below. “He played us like a freaking fiddle. It was just brutal.”

Artis was very upset that his team didn’t play out the endurance a bit longer. He sounds a lot like he wish he wouldn’t have had to sit out the game and that the outcome would have been different. He’s also happy he kept his cool even if he did want to stomp Skupin into the ground.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow and I’m glad I didn’t explode,” he said. “It might have been my demise had I blow up like that. I will say Mike needs to stay far, far, far away from me. He shouldn’t even speak to me.”

Survivor Philippines airs again Wednesday night and this week there’s a twist!