Survivor South Pacific Mikayla

Once again the power shifted this week on Survivor South Pacific when Savaii won the immunity challenge, sending Upolu to tribal council for another vote-off. Along the way Christine managed another win, so next week we’ll see Mikayla face off against her in another Redemption Island arena duel.

Survivor Results: Upolu Tribe voting:

  • Brandon Hantz – Mikayla
  • Mikayla “Miki” Wingle – Edna
  • “Coach” Benjamin Wade – Mikayla
  • Albert Destrade – Edna
  • Edna Ma – Mikayla
  • Sophie Clarke – Edna
  • Rick Nelson – Mikayla

Mikayla is sent to Redemption Island after a 4-3 vote.

Did Upolu make the right choice this week on Survivor?