Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 11/30/2016

Survivor is back and we’re ready to find out who was voted off last night when the remaining castaways of the merged tribe faced an opportunity for time with a loved one and another Tribal Council vote.

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2016 Tribal Council
Jeff Probst at Survivor 2016 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Last week’s rock draw during the second Council should put a fire under the feet for the remaining players to start making moves for themselves as the time for self-risk is over. Time to find out who saw their torch snuffed next.

It was the highly anticipated “loved ones” event here and you know if Adam doesn’t get a win in the reward challenge then he’ll consider using his game advantage to make that happen. Can’t wait to see who loses their chance as a result if he makes that move.

Reward Challenge:
We’ve got another beach based competition with high stakes. Family reunions! I’m expecting one of them to win and then pick a few tagalongs for the prize of sharing time with their family/friend. Lots of tears here as everyone gets a moment together before heading off to compete. Each person will be tethered to a rope that twists and turns through an obstacle course. First to finish gets bonus time with family plus a big ol’ meal.

Ken and Jay take a quick lead as Sunday and Will are way behind. Jay picks up on his lead with Zeke not far behind as Adam is trapped under the sand as he cries to his brother for failing him. Jay pulls off the win!

Jay wins Reward.

Jeff offers Jay the chance to pick someone else and he goes with Will. One more pick: Sunday. And yes, even one more: Adam. Jay says that even though he and Adam were “brawling this whole time” Adam didn’t steal the reward so he’s bringing him.

During the family time together Adam thanks Jay for picking him and hands over the advantage (steal a reward). Smart move considering that thing was an anchor on his game and he couldn’t really use it anymore.

Immunity Challenge:
It’s the return of “Push Me, Pull You” challenge where players hold on to two handles and pull outward to keep a heavy bar in place. Lose your grip and lose the bar which will drop to break a tile below. Last castaway standing wins immunity and safe passage to the next round.

Surprising no one, David is the first one out. Hannah then Will soon follow behind him. And there goes Bret. They’re dropping like flies (or like heavy bars poorly held by tired hands). Sunday is out as well. That leaves just four: Jay, Ken, Adam, and Zeke… and there goes Zeke. After a long hold it’s Ken who’s out next. Jay has slipped a lot but Adam is starting to go… Jay drops!

Adam wins Immunity.

Tribal Council:
Someone is about to be voted off Survivor. Just when things looked to be going against Zeke we saw Ken run his mouth to the other side after thinking he had Will on their side. Oops.

Wait! Before Jeff can announce the results Adam pulls an Idol out of his pants and plays it for Hannah.

Jeff reveals the votes: Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke… That’s enough votes.

Zeke Smith was voted off Survivor.

What did you think of the Survivor 2016 results? Is your favorite still in the running to win? Share your thoughts below!

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