Survivor Samoa: Finale Results

Tonight was the big Survivor Samoa finale episode and here are the results!

The first immunity challenge is won by Brett the only member from the original Galu tribe and this is his 3rd win for immunity in a row.

The final four of Foa Foa will now be split up and Jaison is sent to the jury.

The second immunity challenge comes down to Russell and Brett and Russ wins his first immunity necklace and Brett is sent to the jury.

The final 3 are Mick, Natalie and Russ and they are questioned by the jury members.

Natalie wins Survivor Samoa after an amazing speech by Erik and Russell came in second. Of course, Russ should have won as he is one of the best players ever.

Russell does win the $100,000 Viewers’ Choice prize though.

What do you think? Should Natalie have been the winner or did Russell deserve it for controlling so much of the game? Share your thoughts below!