CBS posted a new video in their YouTube channel for Survivor featuring a series of stills from the upcoming episode this week on Millennials vs Gen-X and the very last scene appears to reveal spoilers of which team loses the next Immunity Challenge.

Survivor 2016 castaways Ken and CiCi

If you want to avoid possible Survivor spoilers ahead of Wednesday’s episode then skip the rest of this discussion. Otherwise, read on to see where CBS states which tribe is preparing for the upcoming Tribal Council.

Watching along in the Millennials Vs Gen-X preview highlights clip on YouTube the last clip shows Chris Hammons sitting with the title “Gen X-er Chris reflects before Tribal Council.” Oh, really? Well then.

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Now maybe that was just a careless blurb written by a CBS intern without any real knowledge behind it or maybe that is an accidental reveal for the upcoming Survivor Immunity Challenge. Watch the clip below and skip to 1m36s to see the reveal in action.

We’ll find out on Wednesday night whether or not this was a real spoiler or just sloppy writing by someone on the media team. What do you think it is?