Immunity is back up for grabs on Survivor as the remaining nine castaways face off in two more challenges with high stakes on both fields for these “legendary players” as CBS keeps calling them.

Andrea on Survivor 2017's Game Changers

We’ve got your first look at this week’s challenges on Survivor 2017 with spoilers revealing the teams and what they’ll be playing for. Read on to find out more about this week’s Survivor Game Changers episode.

For reward the castaways will be playing in three teams for the chance to spend time with their loved ones. We’ve got Brad, Aubry, and Andrea on the red team. Cirie, Troyzan, and Sierra on the green team. Tai, Sarah, and Michaela make up the blue team. Each group is tethered together to make sure all move at the pace of the slowest member.

Teams will start in the water on a platform before diving in and swimming to a ladder they’ll need to climb and leap off. Next they’ll reach the beach and crawl up under a row of low bars. Finally the teams will have to knock down a stack of blocks from afar using sandbags they’ll retrieve from a chest with a series of knots to unlock it.

I’m going to put my money on Brad’s team for this one with that last aspect of the challenge. Didn’t he have the great arm in another recent comp?

Survivor 2017 Week 10 Reward Challenge:

Survivor 2017 Week 10 Immunity Challenge:

Then for the Immunity Challenge these castaways are going to earn it this week. They’ll be holding up a heavy ball using tension from two rods. Simple in concept. Last player standing with their ball up will win safety at this week’s Tribal Council.

Who do you think will pull off the win here this week? Get ready for more Survivor Game Changers on Wednesday night.

Source: CBS
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