Our first look at Survivor 2017’s spoilers for this week’s reward and immunity challenges for the remaining eleven castaways fighting to stay in the game and become this season’s Sole Survivor.

Aubry and Andrea on Survivor 2017 Game Changers

With eleven players that’s going to give us one castaway sitting out when teams divide in to sets of five for the reward challenge. Read on for what happens there along with your first looking at how they’ll be spelling this week’s “Immunity.”

Survivor Spoilers: Week 8 Reward – O Black Water

Here we’ve got teams of five with Michaela sitting out this round. Over on the Blue Team we’ve got Brad, Andrea, Debbie, Sierra, and Aubry. Orange Team has Tai, Zeke, Sarah, Cieri, and Troyzan.

Teams will send out one player at a time to run the water obstacles with a giant slide, a net to cross, and a balance beam. Once all have finished and reached the raft they’ll send a castaway to the ocean’s floor to retrieve a grappling hook. Using that hook they’ll draw in five rings with the first to finish winning reward.

Survivor Spoilers: Week 8 Immunity

It’s a balance challenge combined with spelling and you know someone is going to make some sort of foolish mistake and have to start over in their word arrangement. Here they’ll be doing the rope trick while working back and forth to stack letters spelling out “immunity.” First to finish wins a flying monkey and a pretty necklace with safety for the night.

So who do you think will pull off the wins this week? I’ll go with Blue Team for the reward win and Tai for a reverse spelling of immunity (not winning).

Source: CBS
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