So we have all seen the first episode of Survivor and the only thing I can think about is…


I could not believe it when he sabotaged his tribe’s water and burned Jaison’s socks!  Wow!  What other contestant has ever gone against their tribe?  I mean, come on!  They are there to help you win challenges and form alliances and move you forward in the game. 

This year instead of Foa Foa vs. Galu; it’s Russell H. vs. EVERYONE.  The only redeeming quality I can find in the most villainous man in Survivor history is the fact that he is going to do GREAT in the challenges.  He is a force to be reckoned with!  He kicked a$$ in the first competition and worked his tale off in the second.  For this reason alone, I believe he will be around for a while.  He is an extremely confident person and even though he already has the distrust of Betsy the police woman, it seems he has a good start with Jaison, the law student.  If he manages not to get caught doing his dirty deeds and sticks with Jaison, we could have us some amazing entertainment for a while. 

Being a self made millionaire by owning an oil company, he is showing that he is not scared of hard work and is an intelligent man.  The oil and gas industry is a particularly cut throat business where you have to understand the power of persuasion along with remaining deceptively secretive.  Most of you know that I work in this industry so I can appreciate the level of stress he must feel on a daily basis which will result in his ability to do well in the game.

What do yall think about his strategy and how far do you think he will get???