Tonight on Survivor 2015 host Jeff Probst reveals who won Survivor Second Chance when the Jury decide their votes to crown a champion of the returning castaways.

Spencer, Jeremy, and Kimmi plan moves on Survivor

Spencer, Jeremy, and Kimmi plan moves on Survivor – Source: CBS

Yes, it’s finale day and we can’t wait to see who will win Survivor this season after twenty veteran players returned to the life of beach camps and rice in hopes of redemption.

Kelley, Keith, Kimmi, Jeremy, Tasha, and Spencer each have a one in six chance at winning the million dollars which are pretty awesome odds as we prepare to watch a series of rapid fire eliminations among the four Tribal Councils held during tonight’s show.

The Survivor finale kicks off at 8PM ET/PT for three full hours of Second Chance fun and likely our first official look at Survivor 2016 which features the return of Brawns vs Brains vs Beauty.

While we wait, who do you want to win tonight and who do you think will win? It’s hard to say any of these players could run away with it against the others, but maybe there’s been more going on that we get to see in the condensed episodes.

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