The end is in sight for these Survivor 2016 castaways just one week away from the season finale and reunion show where one of the final eight players will be handed a check for a million dollars. Two more Tribals tonight will cut that list a little shorter.

Will and Jay on Survivor 2016

Survivor is back tonight at 8PM ET/PT on CBS and All Access with another one hour episode and it’ll be a busy night thanks to the double Immunity Challenges and Tribal Councils, but with eight castaways left in the mix you never know just how many could go home.

It’s been awhile since we had any medical emergencies but hopefully everyone makes it through tonight’s competitions safely and leaves it to the Tribal events to cut the players. They’ve been doing a good enough job of it on their own lately, that’s for sure.

At this point we’ve got four Gen-X’rs and four Millennials so we’ll either end the night back in the balance again for next week’s finale or one side will have an advantage if they decide to reach back to the original tribes for their voting.

Who do you think will be the next to go and who might this “slayed dragon” be unless it’s a sentiment and not another castaway?