This is the final week of Survivor 2015’s Second Chance in season 31 as the last of the returning players face off in one more night of challenges and Tribal decisions.

Six castaways remain on Survivor 2015 Second Chance

Six castaways remain on Survivor 2015 Second Chance – Source: CBS/YouTube

Abi is done and gone, finally free from surrounding herself of all those “bad apples” who were just so cruel to her she’ll join the other castaways sent to Jury. That Jury has sat silently but it’ll be their turn to talk on Wednesday night.

The last six players will send three more home before the remaining three take their turn to make their case and argue for the million dollar prize. So who has a chance to get there?

Orkun Merged Tribe:

We’ve seen a lot of different groups come and go this season. Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremy have been together but are they really? Keith, Spencer, and Kelley made a very loose deal at that reward lunch. Kelley and Kimmi also pitched an all-girls alliance that Tasha revealed wasn’t serious.

Will any groups stick together or is it every castaway for him or herself at this point? Who do you hope is the next castaway voted off Survivor this week?

Survivor 2015 – Tribal Council Voting – Episode 13: