We have reached the Survivor 2016 season finale week with just six castaways left in the race to Wednesday night’s reveal of the biggest vote of the season where one of these final players will become the Season 33 Sole Survivor.

Tribal Council on Survivor 2016

Check out who is left in the tribe for finale week of Survivor 2016 as the original tribes have enjoyed enough back and forth eliminations to leave us with an even count heading in to the end of the season on Wednesday.

Remaining Survivor castaways on Vinaka, merged tribe:

  • David Wright – GX
  • Ken McNickle – GX
  • Adam Klein – Mill
  • Justin “Jay” Starrett – Mill
  • Hannah Shapiro – Mill
  • Will Wahl – MillVoted off last week
  • Sunday Burquest – GXVoted off last week
  • Bret LaBelle – GX

Even with two more eliminations the balance remained which gives us a better chance of “it’s anyone’s game” but we’ve got some real contenders here and it’ll be exciting to see what happens come Wednesday night. Any predictions for who you think will be the last few jurors to join Ponderosa this season?

Watch the latest vote at Tribal Council from Survivor 2016: