We’re down to Week 9 on Survivor 2016 and there are still 47 castaways left on the season. With just a few more weeks to go we’ll need to start seeing some rapid fire, mass vote-off’s to get us down to the finish line as the Millennials vs Gen-X battle continues.

Castaways react on Survivor 2016 Millennials vs Gen-X

Last week the three newer tribes consisting of the two original divides all came back together with Millennials holding a numbers advantage that they decided to dismiss with the elimination of Michelle. Now the count is even as we head in to the next round of competitions and a new vote on Wednesday.

Check out who is left in the tribes for Week 9 of Survivor 2016 as the tribes have merged and now we’re working through the growing pain of old and new alliances colliding on the Fiji beach.

Vinaka, merged tribe:

  • Chris Hammons – GX
  • David Wright – GX
  • Zeke Smith – Mill
  • Michelle Schubert – MillVoted off last week
  • Ken McNickle – GX
  • Jessica Lewis – GX
  • Taylor Stocker – Mill
  • Adam Klein – Mill
  • Justin “Jay” Starrett – Mill
  • Hannah Shapiro – Mill
  • Will Wahl – Mill
  • Sunday Burquest – GX
  • Bret LaBelle – GX

Who do you want to see voted off at the next Tribal Council?

Watch last week’s elimination vote on Survivor 2016: