Who has made it to the second to last week of Survivor 2017’s Game Changers season? We’ve got eight castaways still in the game and only two nights of the show left to go.

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council – Source: CBS

After a few big move votes we’ve stalled the last couple of rounds so it’s time to pick things back up here as we enter the final stretch. Unfortunately this week’s hype from CBS features a tiff between Brad and Michaela. Surely we can do better than that this week, right? Fingers crossed.

Sierra was last week’s Tribal Council victim on Survivor Game Changers and that’s no big surprise, except for maybe Sierra who felt she was more secure in the game than we saw her to be. Now the easy pick would be for Brad to follow her out the game, but will the tribe take the path of least resistance?

Check out who is left on Survivor Game Changers and make your pick for who you want to see head out in to the jungle sans torch next time.

Survivor 2017 “Maku Maku” Merged Tribe:

  • Andrea Boehlke
  • Aubry Bracco
  • Brad Culpepper
  • Cirie Fields
  • Michaela Bradshaw
  • Sarah Lacina
  • Sierra Dawn-Thomasvoted off last week
  • Tai Trang
  • Troyzan Robertson

Survivor Game Changers Jury:

  1. Hali Ford
  2. Ozzy Lusth
  3. Debbie Wanner
  4. Zeke Smith
  5. Sierra Dawn Thomas

Who do you hope is next to be bumped off this list?