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Next Time On Survivor 2015: Tribe Merge [PICS]

The Tribe Merge has arrived on Survivor 2015 just two weeks after we said goodbye to the third tribe and had shuffled down to just two camps. Now all of the remaining castaways will share one tribe name and color for the rest of the season.

Joe Anglim on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart

Joe Anglim on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

Now that we’re past the Survivor tribe immunity things can really pick up and everyone is on their own. This is definitely my preferred portion of the season where it’s all on your own shoulders to be safe and the chances of picking off your target are much greater.

Overall the Blue Collar tribe does still have the most members, but don’t forget that Sierra Thomas said she was done with them and wants to go elsewhere. If she teams up with the rest of the castaways then they could easily pick off the Blues.

Survivor 2015 returns at 8/7c this Wednesday on CBS when the Tribes Merge and another castaway is voted off. Check out the photos below and get ready for this week’s episode. Who do you hope to see voted off Survivor next?

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Survivor 2015: Power Rankings – Worlds Apart Week Six

Survivor 2015 saw another blindside last week as Joaquin Sourberbielle was sent packing following a thrown immunity challenge that sent the Escameca tribe to Tribal Council.

Mike Holloway & Kelly Remington on Survivor 2015

Mike Holloway & Kelly Remington on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Even though things are going to change drastically next week with the merge, we’ve still got to look at the Power Rankings based on the last episode. So let’s get to it.

Nagarote Tribe

Nagarote comes out on top because it won both the reward and immunity challenges despite being the physically weaker tribe.

1. Jenn Brown. Penn continues to stand on top of her tribe. She contributed most to their competition wins and she’s also so no-nonsense that she can probably get what she wants to happen. It’s probably going to take a force to get her out of the game. And even then, she’s still got that idol.

2. Kelly Remington. Since we know there’s a merge coming, Kelly gets the second spot here because she’s going to still have the backing of the Blue Collar Tribe and she will likely be able to ride it out with those numbers for a bit.

3. Carolyn Rivera. Carolyn isn’t a beast or anything, but she’s proven that she can use her head. And she’s still holding on to that immunity idol she found out from under Joquin and So’s noses.

4. Hali Ford. Again, she’s tight with Jenn, so Jenn can protect her. And she’s no Will or Shirin, so No. 4 it is.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 6

Another week down on Survivor 2015 and another elimination leaving us that much closer to the season finale, but before we get there it’s time for the Tribe Merge this week!

Survivor 2015 tribe merges

Survivor 2015 tribe merges – Source: CBS

Joaquin was voted out last week when Escameca decided things could go smoother without the bromance of Rodney and Joaquin. The choice to keep a Blue Collar in Rodney could be a very smart move with the Merge arriving. They’ve still got the numbers over the former No Collars by one player, but can they hold it together and block vote?

Check out who is left as the pool narrows on which player will be the Sole Survivor and winner of Survivor Worlds Apart.

Escameca Tribe – Blue:

Nagarote Tribe – Red:

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Tribe Merge Arrives On Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart

Say goodbye to the tribes on Survivor 2015 and hello to the newly merged Worlds Apart tribe when the show returns next Wednesday.

Tribe Merge ahead on Survivor 2015

Tribe Merge ahead on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

We had only just met Nagarote and Escameca but they’re already coming to an end as we saw in the preview clip for next week’s Survivor 2015.

All the remaining castaways, twelve of them at this point, will settle in at one camp and battle it out with individual immunity challenges from now on.

Gallery: Tribes Merge on Survivor 2015 – Worlds Apart

The challenges might be individual, but let’s look at the old original tribes. White Collar will have just three of its members in the newly merged tribe. No Collar will have four of its original cast. Blue Collar comes out on top with five of its six when things come together. Blue has the most, but if White and No figure out they can bind together and overcome those numbers then we could have an interesting fight on our hands.

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Survivor 2015: Joaquin Souberbielle “Day After” Interview


Survivor 2015 saw another blindside last night as former white collar tribe member Joaquin Souberbielle’s torch was snuffed. Now he’s all cleaned up and fed and ready for his exit interview.

Fans everywhere are surely cringing as he likens Survivor to camping … as in he’s never been. OK, buddy. If that’s what you got out of Survivor then OK. So needless to say, he thinks he handled his first camping experience pretty well, considering the elements. His biggest downfalls were the people and his competition prowess, he says.

“You can’t even spend 24 hours for a week with your best friend because you want to kill each other by day 3 … you clash,” Joaquin said. “But that’s what makes this game perfect. All these different personalities living together trying to be unified. It’s really special. I learned a lot; A lot about people and a lot about myself.”

Joquain said if he ever gets the chance to return, he knows that he should lay a little lower and befriend everyone and not just a few people.

“My plan was terrible,” he admits. “I should have taken a couple of losses instead of being such a challenge beast. I’m extremely social. Maybe I was too social.”

Check out what else Joaquin has to say in his exit interview below.

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