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Survivor Alumni Whitney Duncan & Keith Tollefson On The Amazing Race

Survivor South Pacific (Season 23) alumni Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson have made the CBS-jump over to The Amazing Race. The former Survivor couple were seen at the starting line this past weekend for the upcoming season.

Survivor South Pacific - Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson

Joining the season’s big cast of couples, Whitney and Keith won’t be lounging on the beautiful Survivor beaches this time but will instead travel the world in hopes of winning it all and taking home the million dollar prize.

Check out The Amazing Race starting line photo featuring Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson as shared on Twitter by user @Blueu22:

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Whitney and Keith became a couple from their time together on Survivor that season which soon after revealed details that Whitney was actually married to another man at the same time. Oops. Supposedly Whitney and Keith are now engaged, but probably not a bad idea for him to decide to be with her on her next reality TV competition show…


Survivor 2014 Cagayan: Spencer & Kass Arrive At Ponderosa [VIDEO]

The Survivor 2014 season of Cagayan might be over, but we couldn’t not share Spencer’s arrival at Ponderosa and his thoughts after his disappointing elimination on the season finale this week. Oh, and there’s Kass too. I’m just teasing ya, Kass.

Spencer and LJ toast at Ponderosa

Spencer and LJ toast at Ponderosa – Source: CBS

Since both Spencer and Kass were eliminated in the same Survivor episode CBS combined their eliminations and Ponderosa arrivals. The difference between their two experiences was extreme.

Spencer is greeted with a beer and a toast when he arrives. Everyone tells him they were rooting for him and would have had his vote at F2. They laugh and share drinks in a “hero’s welcome” as Spencer puts it.

Then you’ve got Kass arriving and no one having any interest in even acknowledging her existence. The other Jury members don’t respect her game and aren’t much interested in engaging her. Not hard to blame them.

There’s lot of history revisionism coming from Kass in her interview, but I think we all expected that. She didn’t do anything wrong. She’s just the scapegoat. Uh huh. Her getting rid of Sarah so she could be the center of attention? Why that was her just getting Sarah out for playing both sides… okay.

Watch the Survivor Ponderosa arrivals for Spencer and Kass:


Survivor 2014 Finale Reunion Photos

The Survivor 2014 Cagayan winner has been revealed as the votes overwhelmingly gave the win to Tony Vlachos over Woo Hwang in a vote that surprised no one but Woo. CBS has released these photos from the great season finale last night.

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Final Four

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Final Four – Source: CBS

It was an exciting conclusion to a fantastic season and while many of us were disappointed to see Spencer cut just short of reaching the end we did manage to avoid a Woo-Kass Final Two. Now that would have been cry-worthy after such a fun and impressive time on Survivor Cagayan!

Which Survivor 2014 cast members would you want to see back on another season of Survivor? It won’t be next season though since we’re getting an all-new cast for Blood Vs Water!

Check out all the photos below and see if you think Woo is really as personally satisfied with his decision as he told Jeff he was after making that million dollar mistake.

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Survivor Spoilers: Who Went Home Last Night? 5/21/2014

Tonight on the Survivor 2014 finale of Cagayan we find out the results of who was eliminated, who made the Final Two, and who won Survivor!

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We’re live blogging the full finale episode recap here on the site tonight too, but these are just the highlights on who won challenges, who was voted off Survivor, and who won tonight.

There will be two Immunity Challenges and three Tribal Councils to get us to the big Survivor reveal at the end of the night.

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    Immunity Challenge #1:

  • Players must snag a key, race to the beach, and complete a puzzle
  • Tony leads in the first round, Kass is way, way behind
  • Kass wins Immunity in a massive comeback!
    Tribal Council #1 – Eliminated Castaway:

  • Potential tie between Woo & Spencer
  • Votes: Spencer, Woo, Spencer, & Spencer
  • Spencer was voted out 3-1

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Who Won Survivor 2014 Last Night? 5/21/2014

Jeff Probst is set to tally and reveal the votes for who won Survivor tonight on the Cagayan season finale. Either Kass, Spencer, Tony, or Woo will be the winner.

Survivor Cagayan cast

Survivor Cagayan 2014 Season Finale – Source: CBS

The Final Four castaways have a solid chance at getting to the end, but as I dissected the season earlier, not everyone has a great shot at winning the Survivor season.

Before we get to the results at the end of the show there are still a lot of challenges ahead of the remaining castaways. They’ll have to battle through two Immunity Challenges and three Tribal Councils before someone is named the Sole Survivor.

We love how Survivor keeps its season finale exciting with lots to watch instead of a two-hour countdown to five seconds of actual results. Thank you, Survivor!

Who Won Survivor 2014:

  • The winner is Tony Vlachos by a vote of at least 5-1

Do tonight’s results make you happy after watching what has already been a really great season? I know I’ve enjoyed it and hope to see lots more of all-new casts coming for awhile (of course, CBS won’t do that, but that’s okay).

Find out more about next season of Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water!

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