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Survivor 2015 Cast: Worlds Apart Castaways Revealed

The Survivor 2015 cast of Worlds Apart, Survivor’s 30th season on CBS, has been revealed along with the three tribes used to make up the class warfare Survivor theme of White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar.

Survivor 2015 Cast - Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 Cast – Worlds Apart – Source: CBS/Monty Brinton

18 castaways split across the three tribes, each representing a different class of players based on socioeconomic divides this year on Survivor. The three tribes are Nargarote (No Collar), Escameca (Blue Collar), and Masaya (White Collar).

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Here are the breakouts of each of those tribes with their six members:

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Survivor 2015: Survivor Worlds Apart Season 30 Theme Revealed

The next theme for Survivor 2015 has been revealed with a possible change back to a three-tribe approach when Season 30 debuts in the spring as Survivor Worlds Apart.

Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart logo

Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart logo – Source: CBS

Jeff Probst revealed the next season of Survivor would be Worlds Apart during the Survivor finale tonight, but he didn’t give much more of an explanation. We see the three divisions are driven by white collar, blue collar, and no collar.

According to Survivor Sucks’ Redmond, the “Worlds Apart” refers to division of tribes based upon a “combination of education and employment” which some have taken to mean a socioeconomic class-based split.

We’ve seen “One World” that brought the tribes together at one camp, so here we go in another direction and more in the style of Brains Vs Brawn Vs Beauty which separated out the castaways based on traits of the players.

CBS will eventually share more details on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart, but in the meantime we can keep on speculating and reading spoilers that hint away at what we can expect on Season 30. February 25, 2015 is the premiere date for Worlds Apart, so get ready!

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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Teaser:

Source: CBS, Survivor Sucks via Reality Blurred


Survivor 2014 Finale: Episode 14 In Pictures

The Survivor 2014 finale delivered us a new Sole Survivor and winner of Blood Vs Water last night when Jeff Probst revealed the votes and handed out one major check by the end of the show.

Survivor 2014 Finale reunites Season 29 castaways

Survivor 2014 Finale reunites Season 29 castaways – Source: CBS

There was a lot of action over the 2+ hours of adventure as we saw three challenges with Keith claiming victory in two of them, but falling short in the third. That misstep cost him his spot in the game and made way for an all-female Final 3. Oh but not before we got to see one wild blindside that cemented Natalie’s spot in the season.

Check out photos from this week’s Survivor finale for new looks at what took place as we wrapped up Blood Vs Water and prepared for Survivor 2015′s Worlds Apart season set to start in late February 2015. There’s still more Survivor to come!

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Image source: CBS


Survivor Spoilers: Who Won Survivor Last Night? 12/17/2014

Last night on the Survivor 2014 finale the last three Tribal Councils sent the final castaways to Ponderosa, including one shocking blindside, and formed the Jury to vote and reveal the Sole Survivor. Find out who won the challenges, who was voted off, and who won Survivor 2014.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor

Jeff Probst will reveal who won Survivor – Source: CBS

We live blogged the full episode recap here on the site too, but here are the highlights on challenges, eliminations, and who won Survivor in last night’s season finale.

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Reward Challenge:

  • Players must unravel rope, build a bridge, & toss sandbags
  • Reward is an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge
  • Keith destroys the competition
  • Jaclyn sent to Exile Island

Immunity Challenge:

  • Keith received an advantage of pre-game practicing
  • Players must use paddles to move 3 balls along a game table
  • Keith wins Immunity & a spot in the F4

Tribal Council – Eliminated Castaway:

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Survivor 2014 Recap: Blood Vs Water Season Finale

We’re about to find out who won Survivor 2014 as the final castaways battle it out and the Jury reveals their votes to crown a new winner and Sole Survivor!

Survivor 2014 Finale - Blood Vs Water

Survivor 2014 Finale – Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS

Ahead of us tonight we have a three-hour season finale starting with the two-hour final episode before the reunion show where all the castaways of the season will return for more discussion on what we’ve been watching play out on Season 30.

Last week Natalie pulled off her mission with a Jon blindside leaving Jaclyn on her own and dividing Missy and Baylor away from Jon and Jaclyn. Keith remains in the running as the underdog and on a solo mission to reach the end. Three more Tribal Councils to go before it’s all over and Jeff reveals who won.

Things pick up tonight as the final five Huyopa castaways return from Tribal Council where Jon was just voted off. We get to see how Natalie plays this off with an understandably upset Jaclyn, but will Jaclyn give more blame to Missy?

Initially Jaclyn is overwhelmed and congratulating the other players on the blindside, but things soon turn to yelling and shouting. Jaclyn “snaps” as she admits and “goes off on Natalie.” Yeah, she definitely did and it leaves the other players stunned.

Baylor and Missy discuss their plans for moving on to Final 3 and it sounds like they want to get to the end with Natalie while shutting out Keith and Jaclyn at the challenges. Let’s see if they can do it.

Reward Challenge:

Players must unravel a rope tethered to their waist. With enough slack they’ll cross a bridge and then throw sandbags to knock off blocks. First player to finish wins the reward of an advantage in the Immunity Challenge.

Jeff explains to Missy that there’s just no chance she’ll be able to compete. She agrees and heads to the bench as the other four get started.

Keith and Natalie take the lead as they start to work on building their bridge to the next stage. Jaclyn finally gets through her rope tangle issues and joins the rest of them, but she’s really having a hard time.

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