Survivor on CBS

Survivor 2022 returns with Season 43 premiering on CBS this September with all new castaways, three tribes, and plenty of twists and surprises ahead. It’s another shortened 26-day season this time around and Jeff says that’ll likely be the new norm for awhile so best get used to it.

Speaking of those twists, there are a few that won’t come back for Survivor 43: Hourglass & Do or Die. The former seemed too obvious that anyone would take the chance for immunity and the latter was maybe just too gimmicky. Ehh, most are gimmicky, aren’t they?

Survivor 2022 S43 Tribes:

There are three tribes again this season with the Baka tribe, Coco tribe, and Vesi tribe. Each has six members which gives us 18 castaways again this season. They’re ready to outwit, outplay, and outlast one another for the prize!

Latest Survivor 43 News & Updates:

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