Survivor 2022: Who Was Voted Off Survivor 43? – Week 4

Last night on Survivor 43 we watched as the castaways competed in a Reward Challenge where a tribe got not one, but two rewards. We also watched as one tribe made a strategic decision during the Immunity Challenge on Survivor 2022 that resulted in a specific tribe heading to Tribal Council. If you missed this week’s episode of Survivor, read on for a quick recap and the results of last night’s vote!

We started the episode off with a reward challenge where one member of each tribe had to throw small sandbags at blocks on top of a tall pedestal. After all the blocks were knocked down, they had to use two of the blocks to walk down to the finish line. Once they got to the finish line, each of the three other castaways had to land a sandbag on a disk. The first tribe to finish this won 10 fish and the ability to go to one of the other two camps and steal one item from one of the other tribes.

Vesi went on to win this Reward Challenge and since they didn’t have their flint, they had no way of cooking the fish. Vesi asked Jeff if they could trade their fish in for another food reward. Jeff obliged and they chose to get a fruit basket instead of the fish. Back at camp, they debated on which tribe to visit and what they should steal from them. They talked about going to Baka because they had gotten all the really big rewards, but they also realized that Coco still had all their tribemates and had strength in numbers. This could be very dangerous as they get closer and closer to the merge.

Cody brought up that they should try and cripple Coco by taking their machete. It’s their most needed tool and not having it would make surviving very difficult. The tribe decided that Cody would be the one to go to Coco’s camp and he told them that he wanted to take their machete, but that caused Coco to negotiate with him in order to keep it. Cody ended up leaving their beach with their fishing gear and enough food for a couple of days.

At the Immunity Challenge, the castaways had to push sandbags off a table until they found a ring of keys. These keys unlocked a net with puzzle pieces under it. They had to take the puzzle pieces and build a square with them. After that, they carried them up a rope ladder to another platform where they had to use the same pieces to build a triangle. Vesi was the first tribe to win Immunity. After they secured their Immunity, Vesi decided that it was in their best interest to help Baka win so that Coco would be forced to go to Tribal Council. This plan worked and Coco ended up meeting with Jeff to close out the show.

Prior to the Tribal Council, there was a lot of talk about getting Geo out this week. However, when Lindsay started to act paranoid with some of her closest allies, they started to rethink their decision. At the Tribal Council, the votes were cast and Jeff read them off. Here is how the votes landed and who cast it:

  • Cassidy – Geo
  • Geo – Lindsay
  • Lindsay – Cassidy
  • Lindsay – Karla
  • Lindsay – James
  • Lindsay – Ryan

With four votes, Lindsay Carmine ended up being the fourth person voted off of Survivor 2022. Do you think that Coco made the right decision? Let me know in the comments below!

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