Survivor 2022 Recap: Episode 3 – I’ll Sign The Divorce Papers

Last week on Survivor 43, we kicked off the episode with Baka returning from Tribal Council and the topic of conversation was trust. Gabler talked about how he trusted his fellow tribemates so much that he didn’t use his idol that he got from Prisoner’s Dilemma during Week 1 of Survivor. Some of the other Survivor 2022 castaways talked about how they hope that the way they voted proves that they can be trusted.

This week on Survivor, that trust will be tested and the tension between the castaways in the Baka tribe will be on the rise after it is revealed that some of the personal belongings around camp have been rummaged through. We watched last week as Jeanine went through Gabler’s bag to see the details of his Prisoner’s Dilemma Advantage. We also watched as the Beware Advantage made its way into the game when Cody found one and had to perform a task to activate it. Could there be more found tonight?

Keep refreshing this page for all your Reward and Immunity Challenge results and Tribal Council votes throughout the night.

Prior to the Immunity Challenge, we watched Sami, Elie, and Jeanine talking about Gabler and whether or not Gabler knows his Idol is still active. Sami goes to talk to Gabler and fills him in on Elie and Jeanine thinking that Gabler doesn’t know it’s still good. Gabler and Sami then bring Owen in on this and while Gabler and Owen are talking, Elie starts talking about having a “fake idol-making day” and says that they could use the beads from Gabler’s temporary idol now that it’s no longer good. Gabler plays it off like he is planning to give it to his daughter and plays it off like he thinks it’s expired. Elie runs back to tell Jeanine that Gabler thinks it’s expired. Gabler is telling us that he is going to have the last laugh.

Meanwhile, Karla (Coco) finds a Beware Advantage in the jungle but decides that she is going to leave it where it is and not risk losing her vote if she opens it. She then went back to it and opened it. She sees that she has no vote until she can collect all the beads from the other castaways in order to activate the idol and get her vote back. She is able to get all the beads and her vote back by bartering items with the others in exchange for the beads that she needed.

Immunity Challenge:

In tonight’s Immunity Challenge, the castaways will have to jump into the water from a tall platform and make their way to another platform with large crates stacked. They will climb to the top of those crates and jump back into the water and swim towards a buoy. Attached to the buoy there are keys, once all three keys are retrieved, they can unlock their puzzle pieces. The castaways will then make their way to another platform and put together a turtle puzzle.

The first two tribes to finish will win Immunity and be safe from tonight’s Tribal Council. They are also playing for a reward in the form of a large tool kit and a basket of fruit for the first tribe to finish and a smaller tool kit and a smaller basket of fruit for the second tribe to finish. Coco had to sit someone out and Geo volunteered.

Immunity Challenge Winners: Baka (large tool kit and basket of fruit) and Coco (smaller tool kit and fruit basket).

After the challenge, three people were picked to go on a journey. Baka chooses to send Noelle from Vesi, James from Coco, and Owen from their own tribe to head on this journey.

Prisoner’s Dilemma:

While Noelle, James, and Owen are making difficult decisions on their journey, we see the members of Vesi discussing whether they should send Nneka or Noelle home tonight. Jesse is struggling with his decision because he has a deep connection with Nneka, but Noelle has been consistently performing well in challenges.

Noelle, James, and Owen are told that they need to take a walk together and take some time to get to know each other. They will then have to make a group decision when they get to their destination. Noelle is giving James and Owen as much information as she can about the last Tribal Council and how she was on the wrong side of the vote. She is starting to make connections with them in hopes that they will allow her to take the advantage when they get there.

Lucky for her, Owen and James both decide to protect their vote and give Noelle the advantage. They tell her that she clearly needs the advantage and hopes that she uses it to get out a big target. She gets back to camp and tells everyone that she didn’t take the risk and that she played it safe. However, she tells Dwight that she got an advantage and reveals that it’s a steal-a-vote. She then tells us that her relationship with Jesse has been rocky and she will use it to steal his vote if she needs to.

Tribal Council Results:

Here is how the votes landed:

  • Noelle – Nneka
  • Nneka – Noelle
  • Nneka – Dwight
  • Nneka – Jesse
  • Nneka – Cody

By a vote of 4-1, Nneka Ejere is the next castaway to be voted off Survivor 43!

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