Survivor 2022 Twists: Which Two Twists Will Not Return in Survivor 43?

Since Survivor returned from a brief hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen several changes to the game. The schedule was shortened, the castaways were given less food, and new twists were added. There has been some confirmation about two twists recently added to the game that will not be returning in Survivor 43. Read on to find out which ones!

Shot in the Dark, Prisoners Dilemma, Knowledge is Power, the Beware Advantage, Hourglass, and Do or Die were all twists added into the recent seasons of Survivor. Some of these twists had positive feedback from the fans, while others did not and it seems as though the producers were listening to the fans and did away with some of the least favorite twists going into this season. So which of the twists will not be returning? Let’s find out.


This twist took place at Final 12 when the castaways officially made the merge. During an immunity and reward challenge, Jeff Probst announced that the Final 12 would be split into two groups of five with two people sitting out. The winning team was given a merge feast and safety from the next tribal council. They were then able to pick one of the two castaways that did not compete to join them in their reward and immunity while the other was sent to spend two days on a secluded island.

During their time on the island, Jeff would visit them and give them an hourglass. They were then given a decision to make. They could break the hourglass and reverse the outcome of the immunity part of the previous challenge. This would force the winning team to go to tribal council and give the losing team and the exiled castaway immunity. There was no way that the exiled castaway would choose to not have immunity making this a controversial and also unfair twist according to fan feedback.

Do or Die

For this twist, Jeff would give the castaways the choice to compete or sit out during an immunity challenge. The castaways that sat out would forfeit their chance at immunity, but would also be safe from the twist. Then castaways that chose to compete would compete but the first one eliminated from the immunity challenge would get the Do or Die twist.

This twist forced the last place castaway to play a game at tribal council that would determine if they stayed in the game or were sent packing. Jeff would present the castaway with three boxes. Two of these boxes had skulls painted on the inside and one had a flame painted on the inside. The castaway would have to choose one box, Jeff would open one of the other two not chosen and then give the castaway a chance to change their mind and choose the other unopened one or keep their original choice.

If Jeff opened the box and revealed a skull, the castaway would be sent home and the rest of the castaways would be safe. However, if he revealed the flame, the castaway was safe from being voted out and tribal council would continue.

This season was still filmed on a shorter 26-day schedule and the castaways will still start with less food. The other twists will also remain in the game. Did you love or hate these two twists? Are you happy that the twists were removed from the game?

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