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Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Power Rankings For Week One

Survivor 2015 is one week down and after that first week, this looks like it could be quite the season.

Before we get to this week’s episode, let’s take a look back at last week and register how everyone did with the first Survivor Worlds Apart Power Rankings.

Nargarote Tribe - No Collar

A. No Collar Tribe

As the winners of the immunity challenge, the guys who call themselves free spirits have to come in at number one among the other tribes. Now let’s rank each player individually.

1. Joe Anglim. I think Joe is in the best position right now. Everyone seems to like him, especially the women. That coupled with his physical abilities put him at the top of the list this week.

2. Will Sims. He and Jenn chose the honest option and opted out of a clue for the hidden immunity idol. While it might the dumb to give up a clue on one hand, on the other, they gained trust among their tribemates.

3. Jenn Brown ranks lower than Will simply because she has two men almost ready to fight for her. And while that’s impressive, it can spell trouble in the Survivor world.

4. Vince Sly. He’s annoying, but he’s charming and seems to be keeping everyone smiling, so I think that puts him in a decent spot for now.

5. Hali Ford. There’s not much to say about her yet. She did her share in the immunity challenge and has a better argument to stick around longer than the No. 6 castaway.

6. Nina Poersch. Let’s face it, Survivor contestants are often ageist. So at 51, Nina could be in trouble if the tribe goes to Tribal Council.

Escameca Tribe - Blue Collar

B. Blue Collar Tribe

The guys who get their hands dirty for work come in at number two simply because they came in second in the immunity challenge and escaped Tribal Council. Let’s take a look at their Survivor 2015 players individually.

1. Mike Holloway. This guy seems to be the most grounded. He has a Survivor winner feel about him too right now. I think he takes the top spot for their tribe this week.

2. Kelly Remington. She’s tough. As a state trooper, she can surely keep order among her tribe.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 2

One Survivor castaway down and a lot more to go before we have the Sole Survivor winner of 2015′s Worlds Apart. Following last week’s Tribal Council elimination of So Kim the Masaya White Collar tribe is now down a number, but will it compete better this time?

White Collar tribe tries to get their Survivor fire going

White Collar tribe tries to get their Survivor fire going – Source: CBS

Both the Blue Collar and No Collar tribes avoided Tribal last week when they had strong come-from-behind performances at the Immunity Challenge. Now with the departure of So, both of those tribes will likely get to sit out one player of their choosing and fight for reward and immunity all over.

Of course no Survivor is complete without some drama and it looks like there will be more fighting than just on the playing field. Nina Poersch has her feelings hurt and that could spell trouble for their team cohesiveness.

Who is left on Survivor 2015 in Week 2 of Worlds Apart? Here are the remaining castaways:

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Next Time On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Episode 02

Next time on Survivor 2015 the drama cranks up a notch when Max Dawson pulls the Richard Hatch card and Nina Poersch has a meltdown.

Hali Ford at camp on Survivor 2015

Hali Ford at camp on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Following this week’s loss by the White Collar and their subsequent loss of So Kim I’m anxious to see which way their tribe shifts. Will Tyler stick close to Carolyn and her Idol or will he flip and let the rest of them know the deal? Maybe the answer is to just drop your drawers and go for a swim. Great idea, Max.

The real drama seems to be over on No Collar where Nina is upset. Very upset. She feels her tribe is excluding her and that’s leading to a lot of frustrations. I think Nina better hope the No Collars don’t end up at Tribal Council in the next Survivor 2015!

Check out photos from the upcoming Survivor episode, “It Will Be My Revenge.” Ohh, sounds omnious, then find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for even more Survivor all season long!

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Survivor 2015: ‘Day After’ So Kim Elimination Interview

Well that didn’t take long. The bold and daring, though poor lying, So Kim was eliminated this week on Survivor 2015 when her White Collar tribe turned on her. But that didn’t stop So from having an awesome time.

So Kim 'Day After' Elimination Interview

So Kim ‘Day After’ Elimination Interview – Source: CBS/YouTube

Kim says every minute of her 3-day experience was amazing with the “exception of being on a tribe with complete idiots… including myself!” She’s disappointed in her team’s inability to make a fire or build a shelter. Yeah, maybe they should have looked that up on Wiki first.

So Kim thinks she could have won Survivor Worlds Apart given a better start. She says she had the elements required to make it with athleticism, smarts, and social skills. So what went wrong? She doesn’t get the chance to explain.

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With only three days under her belt it’s hard to come up with much on the frustrations list, but Kim says it was the lack of control that made it difficult after living with so much control back home.

Her downfall? So says she’d rather be a bad liar and a great person than the other way around… Well, I don’t think those two can’t exist together in a game where you especially need to be able to be a good person to those around you and lie your way through the thick parts.

Watch So Kim’s “Day After” interview and see what else she had to say about her experience on Survivor 2015.

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Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Episode 01 Review [PICS]

Survivor 2015 kicked off with a bang last night in the Worlds Apart season premiere where the three Collar tribes struggled to find their place in the game and their tribes while competing to avoid Tribal Council.

Joe Anglim competes for Immunity on Survivor 2015

Joe Anglim competes for Immunity on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

The Season 30 tribes each quickly took to their Collar assignments and a fast decision from each team put two players on the path to a big decision: feed their tribe or snag an edge for themselves. Turns out that choice held tough consequences for one castaway when Masaya’s So Kim and Joaquin Souberbielle decided to go the “Deceive” route with a Survivor gamble.

At the Immunity Challenge the No Collars staged an impressive comeback after trailing the White Collars where they won Immunity and a fire-making kit to keep their camp warm in the coming weeks. Meanwhile the Masaya (White Collar) tribe lost a sizable lead and headed off to Tribal Council.

After Carolyn Rivera found the Hidden Immunity Idol all on her own she nearly had to play her safety card in the first round but after a well edited surprise for viewers, So Kim was voted off Survivor 2015 in a 4-2 result.

Masaya is down one player heading in to next week’s Survivor and the Immunity Idol remains in play but with Tyler aware of Carolyn’s find it might not remain a secret much longer. Do you think the tribe made the right vote-out choice?

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