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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Second Chance Week 4

Another week, another Survivor survival for Abi who dodged elimination over Peih-Gee at a third straight tribal council. Just how long can the loose canon strategy work for her? We’re close to finding out this week.

Bayon tribe castaways on Survivor 2015

Bayon tribe castaways on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Now with three tribes things are all shuffled up and hard work to protect castaways from elimination was washed away, but the work has begun again. We said goodbye to our third castaway last week but now have the remaining 15 17 players and 3 tribes to follow. Read on to see who is left and how each tribe may be positioned to compete.

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Survivor 2015: Second Chance Episode 3 “After Show”

This week on the StreamTV Survivor After Show host Justin Walter and guest host Ryan Hooks for this week’s look at the episode.

Survivor After Show - Second Chance

Survivor After Show – Second Chance – Source: StreamTV/YouTube

The big storyline this week was the early introduction of a tribe shuffle that left alliances split apart and some unfortunate shifts for a consistently outnumbered pair on each of the three new tribes. Check out the video below for more in-depth reviews of what was going on this week on Survivor 2015.

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Survivor 2015: Peih-Gee Law ‘Day After’ Interview [Video]

Last night on Survivor we saw Peih-Gee Law become the latest victim to Abi-Maria’s continued run at dodging the torch-snuff. Now Peih-Gee is out on the other side and giving her take on the three short rounds she endured.

Peih-Gee on Survivor 2015's "Day After"

Peih-Gee on Survivor 2015’s “Day After” – Source: CBS/YouTube

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Peih-Gee’s low point of her Survivor Second Chance experience was interacting with Abi-Maria, who she considers in the moment to be one of the worst people she’s ever met, “such an irritating person to have to be around.”

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Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 10/7/2015

Last night on Survivor 2015 we saw two tribes split into three and another castaway was sent home, cutting their Second Chance season and dreams short.

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

So how did  the tribe swaps change the relationships already built by Ta Keo and Bayon? Some contestants were clearly in danger while others were sitting pretty. We’ll soon find out if that’s all changed.

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Tonight On Survivor 2015: Episode 3 ‘ We Got A Rat’

Tonight on Survivor Second Chance is all about change. Each of the castaways have been given a second chance and if something didn’t work the first time around, then the obvious first step is to change your game, according to host Jeff Probst.


Jeff shakes things up on Survivor Second Chance – Source: CBS

“If you don’t change your second chance could end at any time,” Jeff says in the episode 3 preview below. “It’s a perfect opportunity to change things up … [you’re going] from two tribes to three tribes.”

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