Hayden Moss on Survivor Blood Vs Water

After finally breaking their losing streak on Survivor 2013, Tadhana has now gone on to win two, read ’em: TWO, challenges in back to back victories.

“I’m full. I’m happy. I don’t have to go to Tribal for at least two nights,” says former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss on their new found success.

Moss explains how the simple things back home become luxuries like ham sandwich on the Survivor beach.

As for what he’s hoping to see happen on the other tribe that was just sent to Tribal Council, well let’s just say he’ll be surprised and disappointed. Hayden would like to see either Laura B or Monica voted out next while keeping Kat and Vytas safe.

Since Kat was voted out Hayden will have the option to switch places with Kat at Redemption Island next week, but we don’t think that’ll happen.

Watch Hayden’s bonus scene from this week’s Survivor 2013 episode here: