So Russell H. finally got his wish and we said bye to Liz.  I was personally disappointed in this choice after seeing the way Jaison just gave up during the challenge.  Liz actually did well in the competitions so I don’t know what the tribe was thinking on that one.  Does anyone else think Foa Foa is cursed?  They were ahead and still couldn’t win.  Jeff said they had the worst record in Survivor history, and this with VERY capable individuals like a doctor, lawyer, ivy leaguers, a world champion and an owner of an oil company.  You would think they would have had this game in the bag.  At least they merge next week, and we can see them play as individuals.

On to Galu!  They just kick butt every time they get a chance.  I thought Shambo made wise decisions as tribal chief since they won both comps and Erik is standing out more and more to me as a strategic player.  I just don’t know anything about them because they don’t get much face time since they are all the time winning.  I guess this is a good thing for them but not for us as the audience.  

So what did everyone think about this episode?  Did Foa Foa make the right decision evicting Liz?  Were there any big standouts and Who will Russ butt heads with when they merge??