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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 9

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Parvati Shallow is here with the latest Survivor After Show featuring this week’s Survivor 2013 eliminated player Aras Baskauskas. This might be the best After Show of the season as Parvati and Aras have a great talk that bounces across many topics that even stretch outside of Survivor.

Aras dissects his time in the tribes and looks back over his betrayal of Laura M who had been one of his closest allies when they turned on her. Overall he believes his biggest mistake was trusting Gervase who he thought was his number one on the tribe.

There’s lots more talk between the two who almost seem to be flirting throughout. If you keep watching all the way to the end of nearly an hour of discussion (or jump to the end) you can watch the extended preview scene for next week’s episode that looks to be making a target of Tyson.

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Watch this week’s installment of the Survivor After Show and share your thoughts.

Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 9


Survivor 2013: Aras Arrives At Ponderosa (VIDEO)

Aras eliminated from Survivor 2013

The Jury begins on Survivor 2013 and Aras Baskauskas is the first to arrive this season after being eliminated during last night’s show. That also means it’s time for some Ponderosa fun instead of the usual “The Day After” video clips.

Here’s Aras’s arrival at Ponderosa in the video segment below. First stop is a check up with the doctors where Aras learns he lost 17 pounds! Aras admits that he partially saw the blindside coming, but just not enough and not soon enough to fight it.

Life doesn’t look too bad at his very nice resort where he’ll be kicking back and enjoying his downtime before returning as part of the Jury.

Aras says his biggest regret was being too trusting and not being willing to play dirty when he needed to do it. He might be out of the game but says he’s very proud of Vytas for still being in there and playing.

Watch the video below and see the rest of Aras’s Ponderosa interview:

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Survivor 2013 Results: Blood Vs Water Episode 10 Highlights

Survivor 2013 Episode 10 review

Redemption Island was back last night on Survivor 2013 as we watched the first member of the Jury be determined and the next Kasama tribe member voted out and sent to the arena.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 10 – Redemption Island Challenge:

Tina joined Aras and Vytas in the first duel of the second round of Redemption Island battles. The players had to use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags for no apparent reason as they only needed one ball for the next part. Once they had all three bags they used one ball to navigate a maze and find the center.

Tina took an early lead in both the bag collecting and maze solving. She was just about to lock it down when her ball fell through and opened an opportunity for the brothers to stay together. Vytas secured the win and the race came down to Tina and Aras. Aras was eliminated and headed off to start the Jury.

Vytas selected Katie to receive the clue to the hidden immunity idol that Tyson already found. Katie kept the clue.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 10 – Immunity Challenge:

This week’s Immunity Challenge was simple: don’t let go. Castaways had to hang back over the edge of a pier while holding on to a rope. Every few minutes they’d have to move back on the rope to the next knot. This one looked destined for a woman to win from our first glance.

Hayden dropped immediately and was soon followed by a few more guys. Ciera is the first girl to drop. The race comes down to Laura, Tyson, and Monica then Laura drops. Just as Monica starts to struggle we see Tyson fall. Monica wins Immunity for the second time this season.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 10 – Tribal Council:

Heading in to the vote we knew Tyson was aiming for Laura, but Ciera was hard at work to shift that target to Katie. It was a valiant effort that involved tricking Katie to believe Ciera had the Hidden Immunity Idol to confirm that Katie didn’t find it with her clue (Tyson has it).

When the votes were revealed Ciera’s efforts fell short and Laura was once again sent to Redemption Island. She now has a chance at a third life in the game. See, this is why I don’t like Redemption Island. Three chances in one season? Come on.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 11 – Next Time On:

Has Tyson’s reign come to an end? The newbies vow to turn on him but will he see it coming and use his Idol? We’ll find out next week on Survivor Blood Vs Water.


Survivor 2013: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? Episode 10 Results

Survivor 2013 Episode 10 results

It’s time to find out who was voted off Survivor tonight when Kasama heads back to Tribal Council for one more vote-out while Redemption Island brings us another elimination. From all the drama filled previews this week from CBS it looks like we’re in for some fun on Blood Vs Water!

Back at the Kasama camp the remaining castaways will be discussing the fallout from Tina’s send off. Watch for Katie to keep a low profile after remembering what happened to Vytas following his partner’s elimination.

Katie says she’s feeling defeated, and the last couple is looking to pounce on that. Ciera tells her mom they need to go after Katie if she doesn’t get Immunity tonight.

Aras has already been joined by Vytas and now Tina will get her grand, late night entrance at the exile camp. Considering the brothers will want to stay together as long as possible they may be relieved to see Tina arrive instead of another more physically intimidating player.

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Jeff brings in the competitors for today’s duel at Redemption Island. They’ll use a grappling hook to collect three bags each with a ball in it. Then one of those balls must be guided to the center of a balance maze.

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Tina takes an early lead in the bag collection while Vytas continues to struggle. Tina is on to the second phase with the table maze while the brothers keep working on their bags. Vytas is second to the maze with Aras just behind.

Tina is alllll the way at the end when she drops her ball through the last hole. Dang! Vytas takes advantage of Tina’s slip up and moves in for the win. He’ll get the Idol clue tonight. Tina gets back in to the final zone again and this time she secures her safety. Aras is eliminated! He’s off to become the first member of the Blood Vs Water Jury.

Vytas gets to make his pick for the Hidden Immunity Idol clue and he goes with Katie. But wait, what’s this? Instead of burning the clue like we keep seeing Katie puts it right in to her bag. She’s keeping that clue.

There’s a little Immunity Idol drama here as Katie gets her clue and goes hunting. Meanwhile Tyson isn’t fretting it because he’s already got what she’s seeking. Sneaky, sneaky.

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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 10

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 10

Tonight on Survivor 2013 we’re back to seeing the regular routine of the season where one player is first eliminated at Redemption Island and then another castaway is voted out from Tribal Council. Sigh. I was really ready for RI to be retired. I guess we’re stuck with that for the duration.

After last week’s elimination for Vytas and Tina I doubt we’ll see much in the way of vengeance seeking from Katie for her mother’s ejection. She probably learned her lesson from Vytas on that one. In fact, it looks like Tyson’s attention will be directed toward Laura this week, or at least that’s what the previews want us to think. Of course we know how that usually turns out.

Don’t miss our sneak peek looks at tonight’s Redemption Island challenge and tonight’s Immunity Challenge. I’m expecting a woman to walk away with Immunity again this week considering the competition they’ll face. We’ll find out tonight when we’re here live blogging the episode!

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 10 Preview:


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