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Survivor Blood Vs Water Spoilers: Final Immunity Challenge – First Look

Survivor 2013 - Jeff Probst hosts final Immunity Challenge

Once Kasama is again whittled down to just four members on tonight’s Survivor season finale they’ll face off for one last Immunity Challenge. In grand finale fashion this looks like a wild Immunity Challenge with a massive set of slides and stations set up throughout the playing field.

It’s hard to tell for sure what the last four castaways will have to do here, but they’ll be up and down those stairs and slides while working to raise their flag first and claim safety at the last round of votes. There are sets of bags at each of the stations throughout the obstacle course so I’d expect them to be collecting puzzle pieces. We’ll just have to see how this all works together.

Check out the pictures below and see if you can figure out what the players will be doing. This should be awesome fun to watch in action!

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Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Final Redemption Island Challenge Preview

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Redemption Island challenge

Tonight’s Survivor 2013 season finale will feature the final Redemption Island challenge following Hayden’s arrival at the outcasts’ camp. That means who ever goes out at the second final five vote and the final four vote will have no second chance at returning.

Now we’ve got our first look at the arena battle featuring Hayden, Tina, and Laura. Laura has been an absolute beast all season in these challenges, but every one is different and past performance is no promise of future success. Here’s what they’ll have to do to stay in the game.

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Each player looks to be perched on a post with a crane-kick type pose with one leg supporting their stance and the other holding down a balance beam. Should the castaway lose his or her balance the vase will topple over and they’ll be out of the game.

So which one of them can hold out the longest? In the preview clip posted earlier it looks like Laura is losing her balance, but we don’t see if she’s able to regain it. Hayden has been the most well fed of the three with his time back at the Kasama camp. Could that energy level give him the advantage he needs? Share your thoughts!

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Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Finale Show Tonight

Final Four on Survivor Blood Vs Water

Tonight on CBS we’ll find out who won Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water in the season finale 2-hour episode. We’ll get to see the conclusion of Redemption Island where Hayden, Tina, and Laura will compete for the last chance to get back in the game.

Once that final Redemption Island battle is decided Kasama will return to five castaways and head off to their first Immunity Challenge of the night. We’ve already taken a look at what they’ll face and it looks like a combination of speed and smarts. These kinds of challenges can yield surprising results so we can’t wait to see who pulls out the win.

The final five Kasama members will return to Tribal Council again. Tyson still holds that hidden Immunity Idol and he’ll play it before too long, but we’ll have to see when he makes that move.

After that round of vote-out the loser will be immediately cut from the game as Redemption Island is finally, finally gone. That’ll leave four members of Kasama and send them right back out to another Immunity Challenge followed by another vote-out.

Once we’re down to just three players the Jury will enter and grill those remaining players on why they should be awarded the million dollar prize. It’ll be an exciting night for sure and we’ll be live blogging the whole thing so join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email to get the latest Survivor updates sent directly to you!

Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water season finale:

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 11

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Parvati Shallow is back with the last Survivor After Show before this week’s season finale on Sunday. This week’s guest is Katie Collins, Tina’s daughter, who was eliminated after losing to her mother in the Redemption Island arena.

Parvati introduces the show with a solemn reminder of Katie and Tina’s family’s loss. Katie’s brother died in a car accident last week. She decided it was still important to support the show and participate in this weekly series.

Check out Katie’s interview and what she had to say about her time on the island. Katie shares some funny stories plus some we wish she had held back! Like the time she was reeling from a shock to her system with a luxury reward of food while encountering a water buffalo. But no worries, if it had been a wild boar Katie would have been ready to escape after having practiced that with her mom.

Survivor After Show: Episode 11

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Survivor Spoilers: Finale Immunity Challenge Revealed

Jeff Probst starts the Immunity Challenge

There will be two Immunity Challenges on the Survivor Blood Vs Water finale this Sunday and we’ve got your spoiler look at the first competition promising safety at the next Tribal Council.

We can see five stations in the image below so we know this is after the last Redemption Island challenge when one more player returns to Kasama. From here one castaway can secure his or her safety and move on to the season’s Final Four.

There are three columns linked back to a lever at the front of the challenge and then a set of steps at the back. Three blocks on each column hints they’ll be collecting the blocks and using them at their station where we can see ten painted squares.

Based on spoilers we heard months ago we might already know who survives the Redemption Island arena and wins the first Immunity Challenge. We’ll have to wait and see what happens on the Survivor season finale.

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