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Survivor Live: Blood Vs Water 2014 – Week 02

| October 3, 2014 at 9:00 AM EST

Survivor Live” returns this week with host Jeff Schroeder and the latest castaway voted off Survivor, Val Collins, to discuss her time, albeit brief, on Blood Vs Water.

Survivor Live: Blood Vs Water Season 29

Survivor Live: Blood Vs Water Season 29 – Source: CBS

Jeff gets right to the first topic of that Exile Island challenge where Val’s husband, Jeremy, immediately volunteered to get involved. Val was pretty sure she was about to get dragged in to the competition considering the theme, but she doesn’t hold it against Jeremy.

Val might have the best way to describe Coyopa as they discuss the group’s decision to let massive John Rocker compete in the nimble, agile Exile challenge: “we were a hot mess.” Ego overrode smart decisions for their tribe while everyone wanted to prove themselves to the group.

As for the Sumo wrestling challenge this past week, Val confirms that the combination of players was self-determined and only restricted by being the same sex. Apparently there were arguments within Coyopa on whether or not they should go against their loved ones. Considering Coyopa’s only loved-one win was when Missy took a fall for Baylor that turned out to not be a very good choice for them.

Also interesting is the Sumo challenge was actually a best-out-of and each pair actually had three rounds in them. Jeff says the full clips are available on so I might have to go digging for those.

Check out Val’s full “Survivor Live” interview video with Jeff below and hear what else she had to say about her time on Survivor and that “hot mess” of a Coyopa tribe.

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Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water: Episode 02 In Pictures

| October 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM EST

After last week’s premiere episode Survivor was working hard to keep its momentum rolling. Unfortunately for Coyopa that meant more of the same with another pair of losses and a trip to Tribal Council.

Survivor Blood Vs Water Episode 02 Immunity Challenge

Survivor Blood Vs Water Episode 02 Immunity Challenge – Source: CBS

Sumo wrestling on the floating octagon was another big chance for Coyopa but wouldn’t you know it, they couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity and instead head back to another date night with Jeff Probst.

Few interesting views of Exile Island which looks like a very crummy place to spend a few days. Now that John has the Idol I guess those other Exile clues will be rather useless for Coyopa unless there’s a surprise replenishment.

Check out the photos from last night’s Survivor Blood Vs Water courtesy of CBS.

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Source: CBS


Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water: Val Collins ‘The Day After’ Interview

| October 2, 2014 at 9:00 AM EST

Val Collins was voted off Survivor last night after her failed attempt to scare Coyopa in to believing she had two Immunity Idols. After just a few short days in the tribe following her time in Exile Island Val explains what she thinks went wrong.

Val Collins on Survivor Blood Vs Water

Val Collins on Survivor Blood Vs Water – Source: CBS

After two seasons of victorious cops on Survivor Cagayan and Big Brother 16 we saw Val sent out during the second round of voting at this week’s Tribal Council. Val says she thinks she could have used those police skills better had she not been sent off to Exile and returned late to the alliance making process.

Speaking of Exile Island, Val doesn’t sound upset at her husband Jeremy for putting her in the position to head to isolation that first week. She explains how this experience of being mentally and physically challenged in the competition even though they were separated will make their relationship even stronger.

As for that Hidden Immunity Idol clue she received at Exile, Val says it was much harder to find than she expected from watching Survivor on TV. She doesn’t feel her clue was clear and after searching for it she obviously wasn’t able to find it.

Watch the rest of Val’s exit interview after being voted out of Coyopa.

Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water: Val Collins – ‘The Day After’


Survivor Spoilers: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 10/01/2014

| October 2, 2014 at 8:20 AM EST

Last night on Survivor 2014 the season continued as another Tribal Council awaited this week’s loser at the Immunity Challenge. Find out who won the competitions and who was voted off Survivor this week.

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We were live blogging the full episode recap here on the site too, but these are just the highlights on who won challenges and who was voted off Survivor tonight.

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    Exile Island Challenge:

  • John and Julie face off for fishing gear vs Exile Island
  • Julie wins
  • Julie selects Jeremy to join Rocker in Exile
  • Hunahpu trades fishing gear for new piece of flint
    Immunity Challenge:

  • Sumo wrestling with first to 5 points wins
  • Hunahpu beats Coyopa 5-4

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Survivor Recap: Blood Vs Water 2014 Episode 02 ‘Method To This Madness’

| October 1, 2014 at 7:50 PM EST

Survivor Blood Vs Water returns tonight for its sophomore episode after last week’s season premiere. Coyopa is in pursuit of its first win, but it’s still very early here so there’s plenty of time for them to catch up. Tonight could be the night.

Survivor 2014: San Juan Del Sur Episode 02 - Source: CBS

Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Episode 02 – Source: CBS

Things pick up as Coyopa returns from their first Tribal Council where Nadiya was voted out over Dale who may have saved his Survivor life when he started fire for the tribe.

Speaking of fire, we’re promised an interesting situation at the Exile arena when Hunahpu loses their fire-starting flint. Combine that with an exciting Immunity Challenge return of the Sumo wrestling competition and this is looking like a fun night ahead for us.

Back at camp Josh explains to Baylor that he wrote her name down to throw the guys off their secret alliance’s trail. Hmm, she’s not so sure but says she hopes she can trust him. It’s an interesting idea, but this early on would anyone really pay attention?

Julie realizes the flint is missing from the Hunahpu camp and Jon quickly takes blame completely and over the top with his apologies. He hopes this will diffuse any tribal frustration at him.

Exile Island Challenge:

Jeff reveals the challenge which we saw earlier and the luxury is fishing gear. They rock paper scissors for it and Rocker wins over Reed. Rocker volunteers to go in to the challenge so he’ll face off against his girlfriend Julie.

John is struggling with the patience and calm approach to this challenge while Julie quickly gets through and stands to land her balls on the ramp. She’s just a step away from finishing as John continues to work on making it to the second phase.

Julie wins and sends John off to Exile. She’ll pick who from her own tribe will join him while Julie takes back the luxury item of fishing gear. Wait, not so fast.

Reed asks Jeff if they can trade their bag of beans for flint. Jeff scoffs at their offer and says he’ll trade flint for their entire luxury item of fishing gear. Initially the tribe seems ready to decline that offer but finally they wise up and agree to the deal. Jeff had told them the next time they tried to trade it’d take a LOT more than just some fishing gear for another flint.

Back at Coyopa Dale starts to speculate about John’s past and wonders if he’s the Atlanta Braves pitcher who gave that interview. Yep, that’s the guy. Josh suggests that he isn’t concerned about what he’s done in the past and can work with him on the tribe.

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