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Survivor Spoilers: One World Episode 6

Survivor Spoilers One World episode 6

Just ahead of tonight’s Survivor One World episode 6 we’ve got a Survivor spoilers elimination update for you. The spoiler provider shared their details ten days ago and indicated the next two castaways to see their journey end. After last week’s blindside of Monica thanks to Colton’s sneaky moves the spoiler source proved accurate and from what we’ve seen in the previews this seems believable.

Read on for the spoilers or stop now and wait for tonight’s results.

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Survivor 2012 One World: Episode 6 Tonight

Colton’s World, I mean Survivor One World, continues tonight and as expected, it’s more of the same. And by more of the same I mean Colton. Ugh. How much longer do we have to deal with this?

At least the Survivor 2012 promo posted below did feature another issue that comes up during the issue. Someone needs medical attention… it’ll be interesting to see if it amounts to anything.

Be sure to check back later for the elimination results and show recap.


Survivor One World: Jay Discusses The Tribe Switch

Survivor One World Jay

After the Survivor 2012 tribal switch, the Manono Tribe might be struggling, but it sounds like the Salani Tribe is living the life. At least according to Jay. In this Survivor One World Secret Scene, Jay talks about changing tribes and how his new one one is wonderful.

He discusses all the drama from the all-men tribe and how things are much easier with a mixed gender tribe. “We’re men … We were born to have women around,” Jay said. Well, OK then.
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Survivor 2012: Monica Answers Twitter, Facebook Questions

CBS let some fans ask Survivor 2012 castoff Monica Culpepper some questions following her blindside elimination last week. Here’s what they asked and what Monica had to say about her Survivor One World experience:

Cathy J.: Did you have any kind of gut instinct about the type of person Colton is or did the stress of the show suppress women’s intuition?

Monica: I had a different relationship with Colton because I was his “Momica” from day three…he was incredibly homesick in the beginning of the game and I was a source of support and strength to keep him playing in the game. I felt that he had some sort of loyalty, but I got used.

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Survivor 2012 One World: Monica Exit Interview

Survivor One World Monica

This week on Survivor One World we saw Colton and his army (of dummies) blindside Monica, arguably their toughest tribe member.

In her Survivor 2012 exit interview, she reminds us how valuable of a player she was. She was basically the den mother of the women’s tribe and would’ve carried over her duties to her new tribe.

So if you really think about it, the only person dumber than Colton was Alicia for not remembering how valuable Monica was to the women. She should’ve talked Colton out of his plan.

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