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Survivor Results: Blood Vs Water Week 3 Eliminations

Survivor 2013 - Week 3 Tribal Council

Another week, another flop for the Tadhana tribe on Survivor 2013. As their tribe continues to lose players week after week things just don’t look good for them going in to the next Immunity Challenge.

Here’s a quick rundown of how things went last night on Survivor for the Redemption Island challenge, Immunity Challenge, and Tribal Council vote.

At Redemption Island Tyson declined to swap places with Rachel so she faced off against Candice and Marissa. Candice won and gave the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to her husband John. The challenge was very close between Marissa and Rachel, but Marissa pulled off the win. Rachel was eliminated from Survivor.

The Immunity Challenge pitted tribe against tribe in one on one sumo style competitions. It was a close race and came down to Ciera and her mother, Laura. Ciera lost. Neither Ciera or Katie could be their own mother when they faced off. That means Galang wins Immunity again while Tadhana heads off to Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council a blindside is put in to action after Brad decides he needs to fear John ahead of his potential reunion with Candice. While John expects Ciera to go it turns out he’s the lamb that night. John is voted off Survivor and heads to Redemption Island.

Along the way tonight we lost another castaway when Colton quit the game. Good riddance. He wasted a spot on the roster that many other players would have loved to have had for themselves.

Next week Tadhana will be down another player as they head to the next challenge and this time it’ll be one of their strongest.

Do you think Tadhana might the right move in their votes this week or will it just drive them deeper in to the pit?

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Survivor 2013: Who Got Voted Off? Episode 3 Results

Survivor 2013 - Episode 3 Results

It’s time to find out who is voted off Survivor tonight along with who quit and which castaway gets knocked out of Redemption Island. Will Tyson take the bait? Has Colton had enough of the Survivor heat? (Spoilers here.) Let’s find out.

I’ll be here updating with live results all through tonight’s show so stick with us and share your thoughts in the Comments section down below!

After a quick trip through Colton’s CrazyTown we’re off to Redemption Island. Tyson discovers Rachel was voted out and Jeff offers him a chance to swap. Of course the other partners have the same choice even if we don’t see it happen.

It’s still early, but could the best line of the show tonight be from Marissa with “F**k you, Brad Culpepper!” Now we’re on to Colton’s meltdown and Jeff Probst isn’t having it and neither is anyone else on Galang. Colton is crying. His tribe members are hating on him. Jeff is hating on him. Yep, it’s official. Colton has quit Survivor. Jeff won’t even let Colton through his buff in the fire. Aww snap.

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Survivor Spoilers: Does Colton Quit & Does Tyson Swap?

Survivor 2013 - Colton

This week’s Survivor has been teasing viewers with a couple of unknowns: does Colton quit and does Tyson swap with Rachel? We already managed to spoil the latter earlier this week, but now we’ve got info on both plus a double confirmation on Tyson’s decision.

Read on for the spoilers to find out what happens or steer clear and wait for tonight’s show to find out.

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Tonight On Survivor 2013: Opening Pandora’s Box – Episode 3

Survivor 2013 - Episode 3

Tonight on Survivor 2013 the castaways are back for Blood Vs Water’s third episode, “Opening Pandora’s Box.” We’re teased with a couple of potential drama points, but we all know how Survivor likes to keep us guessing.

First up is the drama over whether or not the newbies manage to smoke Tyson out by voting out his girlfriend Rachel. It’s a smart plan to target the other half of the stronger players. Just wait for the vets to turn the tables on the newbies with that move. I’m looking at you, Kat and Hayden.

We’ve already shared the spoilers on whether or not Tyson takes Rachel’s place at Redemption Island. Skip that link if you want to stay surprised.

The next hype is whether or not Colton quits Survivor on tonight’s show. I don’t have any available spoilers on that, so I’ll just have to say that I highly doubt he’d do that. I wouldn’t mind if Colton vanished from the series, but I just don’t see him walking away this easily.

Spoiler Update: Find out whether or not Colton quit Survivor.

On to tonight’s show. At Redemption Island, three castaways will compete a challenge where they’ll have to balance dominoes on a long, angled board set upon springs. Can Candice pull off the win to secure another clue for John? We shall find out.

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Next, for the Immunity Challenge the tribes will battle one on one on a floating ring. Each player will try to knock the other out of the ring and in to the water. It’ll be an individual performance competition for group security from Tribal Council.

After two weeks of challenges that took a little more thinking and comfort-ability with Survivor, this could finally be the chance for the Tadhana tribe of newbies to nab a win.

Who do you want to see end up at Tribal Council tonight on Survivor 2013?

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Episode 3 preview:

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Survivor 2013: Immunity Challenge Details From Week 3

Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water - Episode 03

This week on Survivor 2013 the Tadhana tribe is competing in hopes of nabbing its very first challenge victory after two consecutive losses. Could this finally be Galang’s turn at Tribal Council?

The castaways will be competing in a jousting meets boxing challenge. Two at a time the players will face off on a floating ring where you don’t want to be the first one in the water.

From the looks of it the women will face off against each other while the guys compete against other guys. Maybe I’m missing it, but eventually there’d be a crossover to a co-ed round, right?

Of course the really interesting part will be to watch same sex pairs battle each other. Mom vs daughter and brother vs brother. That should be intense as we know the newbies feel the pressure to prove themselves as the vets have a reputation at stake as well.

Tomorrow we’ll get to share the official Survivor challenge preview from CBS featuring the Dream Team testing things out ahead of the big event. In the meantime, take a look at a few early peeks of the Blood Vs Water cast facing off in the ring for Immunity.

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