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Survivor 2012: Colton Answers Facebook, Twitter Questions

Are you tired of hearing about Survivor One World’s Colton yet? Well, here’s one more thing. Like all the other Survivor 2012 contestants sent home, CBS asked Colton some questions from fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s what Colton had to say:

Corrie F.: Colton, what do you think America thinks of you?
I definitely will not be in the running for Miss USA anytime soon.

Tammie M.: If you could do it all over again, would you be nicer to the people you bullied?
Yes, if I could do it over I would definitely be nice.

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Survivor 2012: Colton Cumbie Did Not Have Appendicitis; Reveals Master Plan

Even though he throw away his master plan to rule Survivor One World because of acute appendicitis, Colton Cumbie actually didn’t have that particular ailment, he said in Survivor 2012 post-exit interview.

“It wasn’t actually appendicitis,” Colton said. “I had a severe bacterial infection in the lining of my stomach and my intestines. That was causing the headaches and the pain.”

He said he was flown to a hospital and given antibiotics before heading home. Now he says everything is fine. “I’m all better,” he said. “I’m fat again!”

So what would have happened had the season’s villain not been stricken with the bacterial infection? He thinks he would have won the whole thing. He confesses that he would have targeted his partner in crime Alicia next. Then pick others off one by one until the final four consisted of himself, Kim, Troy and Jay.

“I knew there was no way I was going to win the final immunity challenge, and my argument to the others would have been that I literally had to claw, scratch and bite my way to the end.”

Sounds pretty solid. But he forgot to consider his social game was horrible and that someone if given the chance probably would have taken him out along the way. But he seems pretty confident with his plan.

“I had a producer tell me on day three, ‘You are the first player we’ve had where everyone was on day three and you’re on day 33,’” Colton said.


Survivor One World: Episode 6 Recap

Survivor 2012 Colton exits

If karma is a real thing then she paid a visit to Survivor One World this week.

King Colton’s Survivor 2012 reign ended this week and it wasn’t because of a Tribal Council vote. After weeks of somehow controlling the game and bullying people, Colton was carried out on a stretcher in what can only seem like some sort of payback.

I’d never wish bad health on anyone, but since I can pretend like all the people on my TV screen aren’t real, it was pretty easy to watch Colton’s Survivor dreams fall apart as he’s carted off like a bag of trash.

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Survivor One World: Episode 6 Results

Survivor 2012 One World episode 6

Facing a tough competitor, Manono takes on Salani in the first battle of the night: luxury challenge for the chance to eat ice cream until their stomachs burst.

Surprisingly Manono does way better than I expected but it isn’t enough. Salani wins the challenge and takes the prize. This could be a long few weeks if Manono doesn’t turn this around soon. Let’s see if those spoilers were true.

Before we get to the next challenge there’s drama. Lots of drama! Colton is having a medical situation and it could be appendicitis according to the medical team. Jeff explains to Colton that if he leaves to go to the hospital that he’s out of the game for good. Sure enough, looks like Colton is gone from Survivor One World. Oh, and he took the hidden immunity idol with him as a souvenir. Hah!

Tree-Mail calls both tribes to Council tonight and that’s making everyone nervous. No one knows what is going to happen.

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Survivor Spoilers: One World Episode 6

Survivor Spoilers One World episode 6

Just ahead of tonight’s Survivor One World episode 6 we’ve got a Survivor spoilers elimination update for you. The spoiler provider shared their details ten days ago and indicated the next two castaways to see their journey end. After last week’s blindside of Monica thanks to Colton’s sneaky moves the spoiler source proved accurate and from what we’ve seen in the previews this seems believable.

Read on for the spoilers or stop now and wait for tonight’s results.

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