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Survivor Recap: Blood Vs Water 2014 Episode 10 ‘Build Trust’

| November 26, 2014 at 7:15 PM EDT

It’s time to “Build Trust” in this week’s Survivor episode with just a few weeks left to go in the season. Hard to believe we’re close to finding out who won Survivor 2014 when there are still nine castaways left on the beach!

Wes Nale competes for Immunity

Wes Nale competes for Immunity – Source: CBS

Both challenges ahead look tough with the Reward Challenge sending castaways out in to the water for a series of obstacles while the Immunity comp is an endurance battle for your circulation system. Let’s see where this all goes!

Tonight’s show picks up as the Huyopa tribe heads home from Tribal Council following Jeremy Collin’s elimination. Considering it was mostly his own allies that did him in I don’t think there will be too much shock or anger at what just transpired. Well, Natalie is actually a little upset because Jeremy was her close ally and this could actually cause her to go after Jon for revenge.

Reward Challenge:

Teams split with Keith sitting out of today’s challenge. Yellow tribe has Jon, Reed, Alec, and Jaclyn. Blue has Missy, Baylor, Natalie, and Wes. They’ll be competing for a trip to give baseball supplies to local children.

Players must swim from their platform to a ramp where they’ll grab keys and puzzle pieces. Once all pieces have been collected they’ll race to be the first to complete their statue and win the reward.

Blue is holding a steady, but small lead over Yellow as Wes gets things going for his tribe followed by Missy. Things slow down for Blue with Baylor in the water and Yellow has them tied before moving on to a slight lead.

Teams have to unlock the base to their puzzle statue using one of the four keys from the water. Yellow gets it immediately but Blue just can’t seem to figure out which key will get them going. Sure enough Yellow crushes the puzzle portion and wins Reward.

As Jeff gets ready to send the winners off Reed announces he’ll give up his spot to Missy who hasn’t won anything yet. They trade spots and then announce Wes will be sent off to Exile Island.

Well the Yellow team is off at the reward trip Reed is back at camp busily working to get Keith on his side to target Jon. Reed says the other side thinks Keith has an Idol, heh that’s because Reed told them! Keith is in on the plan and hopes it’ll work without him having to play his Idol.

Natalie isn’t wasting time either and is hunting for that Idol with Baylor’s clue and help. Sure enough they find it buried right in the middle of camp. Baylor and Natalie run away with their prize to plot against the guys.

Reed is the girls’ main target with Jon being their ideal second target. They hope to get Reed out now to have a ladies’ advantage before voting out Jon the following week. Hmm. The best laid plans…

Immunity Challenge:

Immunity is up for grabs as Wes returns from Exile and joins the other castaways as they get ready to compete in today’s endurance battle.

Castaways have a small perch to support their heels with a bar overhead. If they step off the perch or let go of the handles then they’re eliminated. Last person still in the game wins the purdy necklace.

Jeff arrives with a plate full of candy to tempt someone out of the game. Everyone is saying no until Jon actually drops out after just seven minutes. Good grief. I hope that was a tasty candy bar there.

Missy is the next to drop but she won’t be alone for long. Jeff brings out cookies and milk which immediately draws Baylor and Jaclyn out of the game. Baylor runs toward Jeff. Runs. Next up, or down rather, is Wes who bails for chicken wings and beer.

Keith is soon calling over to Natalie that her entire alliance has bailed on her. He’s trying to convince her that she needs to start playing for herself. Keith might not last much longer either as we see after ninety minutes that his feet have turned purple! Yep, there he goes.

Only Natalie, Alec, and Reed are left in the comp. No one looks comfortable, especially not Alec who drops next. It’s Natalie vs Reed here.

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Survivor Spoilers: Immunity Challenge – Week 10 On Blood Vs Water [PICS]

| November 26, 2014 at 10:15 AM EDT

Immunity is back up for grabs tonight for the Survivor Season 29 castaways as nine remain and someone will be heading to Ponderosa if they can’t win the challenge featured in these preview spoilers.

Survivor Season 29 Episode 10 Immunity Challenge

Survivor Season 29 Episode 10 Immunity Challenge – Source: CBS

The final nine players left on Survivor tonight have got to hold on to win that necklace and avoid any votes at Tribal Council. Each castaway will stand up on a post with their hands above their heads. Last player standing wins.

Looks like each position is adjusted to fit the players based on their height, so things should stay nice and balanced for everyone. Jeff won’t just be narrating the “just stand there” challenge either as we can see him breaking out some temptations to get the castaways down from their perch.

Do you think this challenge will cater to a stronger guy or a more petite player? I’m wondering how long they’ll last before their arms all go numb!

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Tonight On Survivor 2014: Blood Vs Water Episode 10

| November 26, 2014 at 8:00 AM EDT

Tonight on Survivor we’re set to watch the dwindling Huyopa tribe face another choice between eliminating an outsider or blindside a core ally.

Could Jon Misch be the next Survivor Blindside?

Could Jon Misch be the next Survivor Blindside? – Source: CBS

We haven’t had much as far as preview clips or photos to share so far for this episode, but what we did see presented Reed as trying to decide if now was the time to go after Jon.

Going after Jon would be a strong move, but does Reed have the allies and votes it’d take to make that happen? Nine people are heading in to Tribal Council this week which means five votes will decide who doesn’t head back to camp. Who do you think it should be if you had a vote to cast?

Tonight on Survivor 2014 – Preview clip:

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Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Reward Challenge – Week 10

| November 25, 2014 at 8:00 AM EDT

This week on Survivor the remaining nine castaways compete for this week’s Reward: a roasted turkey! No, no. That’s what you get for surviving the in-laws this week, but let’s hope for something good out there for the castaways.

Jon Misch performs in Survivor Reward Challenge

Jon Misch performs in Survivor Reward Challenge – Source: CBS

CBS doesn’t give us much of a glimpse as we head in to this week’s Survivor 2014 episode, but with an odd number someone will have to sit out again as the other eight players will be split over two tribes.

Teams will dive in and swim across to a platform where they’ll climb up and have to jump to retrieve three or four bags hanging out over the water, each with a key tied on. There are four more stations beyond that floating out in the water for more fun activities. Probably something that needs to be unlocked.

Finally at the last platform, shared between the two tribes, there are a set of steps, some rope, a buoy, and something else tied shut. Yeah, I’ve got no idea on what all they’ll do at that final stage, but I’m excited to see what it will be.

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Source: CBS


Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Week 10?

| November 24, 2014 at 8:00 AM EDT

Nine Survivor 2014 castaways remain. One will be Sole Survivor. Seven appear to be at the mercy of Jon & Jaclyn’s “what should we do today?” strategy.

Survivor Blood Vs Water - Jeff Probst hosts Exile Island challenge

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Jeff Probst awaits the next elimination – Source: CBS

So far this season of Survivor has been a great balance of the expected and surprising with a few back and forth moves which have keep things interesting. There have been opportunities for one side of the game to dominate but just as we saw Kass throw that away last season we’re seeing it all over again and in a wider array of sources.

This time around we may see Reed in a position for shifting the game, but I’m more expecting that event to come from Jon and Jaclyn who have done a great job of manipulating situations and insulating themselves from the fallout.

Who is left on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water? Here’s a rundown of the remaining castaways going in to Week 10:

Merged Huyopa:

  • Baylor Wilson
  • Missy Payne
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Jon Misch
  • Reed Kelly
  • Jeremy Collinsvoted off last week
  • Natalie Anderson
  • Wesley Nale
  • Alec Christy
  • Keith Nale

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