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Survivor 2012 One World Finale Results

Survivor 2012 One World finale

It’s time to find out who won Survivor 2012 One World. When tonight’s show begins we’re left with just five castaways but by the end of the night there will be only one Survivor! The only thing we know so far: it’s going to be a woman.

The first challenge of the night is for immunity. Castaways will start with a knot challenge that leads to a balance beam maze requiring a complete start-over if they fall off. From there they’ll have to collect bags of puzzle pieces to get another combination lock code and unlock immunity.

Alicia is the first through the maze with Chelsea right behind her. They were the last two through the knot challenge, so leading didn’t help them. Chelsea is the first to the final puzzle with her parts while Alicia ends up second to last there after screwing up the parts collection. Kim is the first through the puzzle, but she still has to figure out the clues to unlock immunity. After several failed attempts and a close race with Chelsea and Alicia the win goes to Kim, her third of the season.

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Survivor 2012 One World Finale Tonight

Survivor 2012 Final Five

Tonight is the big night. It’s Survivor One World finale Sunday and like the CBS promos say, girl power dominates for the first time in Survivor history.

The all-female final five will face three tribal councils in two hours to be named the ultimate Survivor. Following the two-hour finale at 8 pm, the Survivor One World reunion starts at 10 pm.

So who will become the ultimate Survivor? Kim, Christina, Chelsea, Sabrina or Alicia? The entire 2012 season has been hinting at one outcome and one outcome alone.  And that’s that the $1 million will be going in Kim’s pocket. Could we see a shakeup? Could we get our first actual shocking moment of the season? Or will the finale play out like everyone expects, just like the rest of this season? Let’s all cross our fingers for some excitement for a change.

Check back later tonight for our live finale results and a little later for a complete recap of the show.

Who do you want to win Survivor 2012?

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Survivor One World: Tomorrow is Finale Sunday!

Don’t forget about the Survivor One World season finale tomorrow night.

The final five are set to battle it out to become the winner of the 24th installment of the CBS competition show. Before the end of the night, the contestants will sit through three Tribal Councils, giving us the Top 3 and finally, the winner.

So who is going to be the Survivor 2012 winner? Kim? That’s the obvious choice. But can Chelsea, Alicia, Sabrina or Christina pull of the win? We’ll have to find out tomorrow.

Following the finale, we’ll get the reunion special. Who else is ready to hear what good ole Colton has to say?


Survivor One World: Tarzan The Day After Elimination

Tarzan had his Survivor One World torch snuffed this week and now we’ve got his exit interview, and to no one’s surprise, he goes on and on about a bunch of  nothing. And after you wash off the dirt, he kind of looks like Nick Notle.

He talks about whether or not be was playing smart or playing dumb but he does say he is proud to have been the last man standing and even more proud that a woman (Kat) went before him.

“64 years old … last man standing!” He said. “Not the biggest, not the toughest, not the most athletic but smart enough to be the last man standing.”

He goes on to talk about what he should do to fake the others out. So was he just playing the game by acting kind of off his rocker? I’m not sure just yet. This was just the day after. So maybe he’s still just tired and hungry.

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Survivor One World Episode 13 Recap: Same Ole Same Ole

It was more of the same on Survivor One World this week as Kim and her puppets helped her edge closer and closer to the Survivor 2012 grand prize.

The episode picked up right after last week’s Tribal Council with Kat talk. Tarzan says they should have sent him home and that he has a “subplot” to get to the top 3. But then he decides he only needs to go to Top 4. Way to sell yourself. Tarzan says he’s been working in segments just to quietly slip into Top 3. So what’s Tarzan want out of the game? He still just wants to buy shocks for his car.

For the next 45 minutes we just get a bunch of Top 3 talk. Who is going to take whom, who is going to be sent home this week. Who is pissed off. Who is playing everyone. Here’s a hint: EVERYONE is playing EVERYONE. Have you ever seen Survivor? I hate this time of any reality show season. So much flip-flopping. So much annoyance.

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