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Survivor 2012 Philippines Secret Scene: Skupin Talks About Playing Game With Son


Last week on Survivor Philippines, we got to one of my personal favorite parts of the game: the visits from loved ones. And getting to see the loved ones play the game with the castaways was a nice change to a sometimes monotonous game.

In today’s Survivor 2012 Secret Scene, Skupin talks about what it was like to have his son Michael join the game for a day.

“Nothing was like this hug,” Skupin said of the moment he saw his son walk into sight. “I didn’t care what happened after that.”

What did happen after that was Skupin’s son helped him play the reward challenge, which Skupin now ranks as one of the best moments of his life.

“The dream was ‘dad I hope you get another shot at the million bucks’ … 23 seasons later, I’m playing Survivor with my son,” he said. Survivor is just a game and just a part of a moment in my life. But playing Survivor with my son will rank up there pretty darn high.”

Be sure to check back here Wednesday for the live coverage of Survivor Philippines and throughout the week for all of your Survivor 2012 news and highlights.

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Survivor 2013 Caramoan Premiere Date Announced By CBS

Jeff Probst Survivor

Set your calendars because CBS has just announced the Survivor 2013 premiere date. Survivor’s 26th season will debut on February 13th (Wednesday) at 8PM ET.

The latest Survivor castaways will find themselves washing ashore again in Caramoan in the Caramines Sur Province, the location used in Survivor Philippines. That should give us: Survivor Caramoan.

No word yet on any future seasons beyond the 26th as that was the last combo (25 & 26) we heard about over a year ago. Keep your fingers crossed for more Survivor!

Also no details on returning castaways, but considering Jeff Probst has said in interviews that they plan to do a lot of that I would fully expect to see another two or three familiar faces. I actually really enjoyed the three tribes this season so I wouldn’t mind having that come around again, but I’m tired of the retreads. What about you?


Survivor 2012 Philippines: Carter The Day After Elimination

Survivor 2012 Carter eliminated

This week on Survivor Philippines, we said goodbye to Carter as he was the latest castaway to have his torch snuffed.

The following day, a much cleaner and well-fed Carter sat down for his post-elimination interview to talk about his Survivor 2012 experience. So what did he have to say?

“There were so many highs and lows, but all those high moments outweigh those low moments,” Carter said.  “I really got to test myself and challenge myself and push myself to limits I’ve never pushed myself before.”

Carter says his favorite moments from the game were his mom’s visit and the time last week when he gave up his auction win so the whole tribe could enjoy food.

He says he leaves the game with a strong sense of pride.

“I’m proud of the way I played this game,” Carter said. “There were times when I thought carrying on was just too big a challenge. I forced myself to keep playing. Thirty-tree — I can be proud of that.”

Find out what else Carter had to say in his exit interview below.

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Survivor 2012 Philippines Episode 12 Recap: Loved Ones Refresh Perspectives


This week on Survivor Philippines, it all came down to Abi-Maria and Carter. Who should stay and who should go? The choice is obvious, right? Not so. When it gets down to this point in the game, there are a lot of factors to take into account and the Survivors did just that this week.

The episode opens on last week’s Tribal Council aftermath. Abi continues to pretend she has a hidden immunity idol. And everyone is tense and eyeballing each other, trying to figure out who they can and should trust.

And then we jump right into the reward challenge but that’s because they’re being paired up with their loved ones. Skupin’s son comes out first. Then it’s Carter’s mom. Denise’s “man” pops up next, followed by Lisa’s brother. Out next comes Abi-Maria’s mom.

And then we get Malcolm’s brother Miles. I was expecting him to go on some sort of racist, homophobic anti-Survivor rant from the previews we saw, but it turns out he’s just kind of crazy.

The reward challenge starts and the castaways are paired up with their loved ones. The winner of the challenge gets to spend the night at camp with their loved one. That’s cool and all, but what about dinner and a bath? Come on, Survivor!

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Survivor 2012 Philippines: Episode 12 Results

Survivor 2012 with Jeff Probst

It’s time for the “family” episode of Survivor Philippines when the remaining castaways are reunited with a love one and even take on a competition together. These are always fun so let’s see how that goes and then find out who was voted off Survivor 2012 tonight!

As the last six castaways arrive at the luxury challenge we meet each of their “loved ones.” Mike’s son joins him. Carter’s mom runs out (and is about half his height). Denise’s husband arrives to lots of kisses. Lisa’s baby brother comes out and she breaks out in sobs. Now it’s Abi’s turn to finally get some love in the game and it’s her mom that joins her. Finally Malcolm is joined by his brother after Jeff jokes that was it.

Now it’s time for the challenge. Each castaway has to throw a muddy ball/bag to their partner and then have him or her knock down a target. First to finish gets to bring his or her family member back to camp to stay the night. It’s not going well at all for Abi while the rest of them are tearing it up. Carter is the first to get to his last one but Malcolm is right behind and catches up for the win. It seems Malcolm’s brother is even as good at these challenges as Malcolm!

Of course it’s never a simple prize. Malcolm also has to pick one more person to enjoy the reward. He gives Lisa the chance to bring back her brother. Jeff prompts Malcolm to ask for one more and what looks like an easy choice of Denise actually goes to Mike. Malcolm is banking some votes for later as I guess he feels he already has Denise in his pocket pretty securely.

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge after the family members are sent home. No secret messages and skip-ahead’s for Abi this week. Castaways have to retrieve three bags from underwater, race back to the beach, build a poking stick, and then poke the heck out of the target to drop their flag. Looks like Malcolm better do well or he could fall victim to a rejuvenated Lisa and her plan for his elimination.

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