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Survivor South Pacific Episode 14 Tonight

Survivor South Pacific episode 14

Survivor South Pacific Finale Week gets rolling tonight when the final five castaways, not counting Ozzy over there at Redemption Island, battle it out for the next immunity and survival through tribal council.

Of course we’ve got some good Survivor spoilers waiting for you if patience isn’t your thing. First you can read about who wins the Ozzy-Edna duel, who nabs immunity, and even who gets voted out. Next we’ve got a more mild spoiler in the form of the immunity challenge preview video. You can watch that clip below.

Don’t forget that the big finale show will air this Sunday, not the following Wednesday. Be sure to join us on Facebook so you can get the updates on the upcoming 24th Survivor season, possibly entitled “Survivor: One World“.

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Survivor Spoilers: South Pacific Episode 14

Survivor South Pacific episode 14

We’re almost to the end of the season, but we’ve still got some more Survivor spoilers to share thanks to TV Fun Spot. If you want to keep this week’s episode of Survivor South Pacific a surprise then stop reading now. If you’d rather find out who wins the next immunity and who gets voted out, then carry on, castaways.

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Survivor South Pacific: Finale Week Begins

Are you ready to find out who won Survivor South Pacific?? Well here comes finale week!

With just two episodes left in the Survivor season there isn’t much time left to find out what happens next. First up we’ll see Edna face off against Ozzy in the arena duel and while the teaser video last week makes us think he could lose I’m betting he wins again. After that things heat up among the remaining Upolu tribe members. Who will be cut next? We’ll find out Wednesday night.

The big Survivor 2011 finale will air on Sunday where we’ll find out which South Pacific castaway becomes the sole survivor and walks out with a million dollars!

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Jeff Probst No Longer Sole Survivor, Just Married

Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst has dropped his “single man” buff in to the fire. This past Monday Probst quietly headed out and got himself married to Lisa Ann Russell. It was a small, private event and the second marriage for both Probst and Russell.

Congrats to the newly married couple!


Survivor South Pacific: Episode 13 Results

Survivor South Pacific episode 13

Survivor South Pacific brought some exciting moments this week during its thirteenth episode, “Ticking Time Bomb.” The Survivor spoilers were right, Ozzy won again at Redemption Island but this time he didn’t dominate. In what was an insanely close duel, Cochran was defeated and sent packing. You won’t believe just how close it was unless you saw it. Wow. The arena duel ended with a nice speech by Cochran about how much he enjoyed his time in the game and competing to be the sole survivor.

Moving on to the next big event, Ozzy had to pick half of the remaining players to spend time with their loved ones. Ozzy selected Albert, Coach, and Brandon for family time. The visit by Brandon’s father went exactly as you’d expect.

When it came time for the Survivor immunity challenge the rest of Te Tuna was helpless against the Dragon Slayer. Coach stomped out the other players by handily defeating them and taking over half the playing board which required them to block out one another.

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