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| November 19, 2009 at 10:36 PM EDT

I would say that Survivor Samoa episode definitely lived up to the hype!  I laughed and cheered all the way through the show.  So let’s break it down.  First the reward challenge.  My husband loved the fact that Nat’s boobs popped out and wanted to see an unedited version.  Too bad there is not one out there.  But it did look fun and the purple team kicked butt.  I was happy to see Russ and Natalie get some food.  The yellow team’s mistake was putting John in the sling.  I know he has to weigh more than Monica so in my opinion it would have made more sense to let her grab the flags.  Russell did get his clue and what did he do with?  He ran away from Dave and found the idol again!  Wow!  How is that even possible?  Even if you don’t like his tactics, he has to be one of the best to ever play the game.  I am amazed and dumbfounded right now. 

The Immunity Challenge:  The best part of the show for me was when Laura missed the tiles and Shambo bursts out laughing and then says “Today is the day of reckoning.”  I about fell off the couch.  Could she be any more obvious?  It was a good moment.  And what about Brett breaking two tiles?  That was great except he didn’t have as good of aim at the cross bow as Mick and finally Mick prevails and wins the immunity idol.  Very happy for him and the former foa members.  About time!

Tribal Council:  Even though I knew what was going down, thanks to missyae, it was still exciting and I was on the edge of my seat.  I was actually surprised to see Natalie as the Galu pick instead of one of the guys.  I guess they didn’t see Jaison as a threat.  When the vote went 5-5 I knew John had to flip but Monica kept looking down and for a minute I thought it might have been her who voted out Laura.  I don’t blame John.  Why would he keep Laura in the game and chance getting the stones?  Granted it is a 1 in 8 chance but for a million dollars I would have sent her packing too.  I thought it was a smart move on his part.  What do yall think?  Would you have chanced it and picked the rocks? 

One more thing:  The foa’s came into the merge with the odds stacked against them at 8-4.  Look at them now!  They convinced Galu to vote out Erik, they brought over Shambo, Russ played the idol and then found 2 more, sent Kelly home and tonight forced a tie that led to Laura getting evicted.  What a comeback!  It has to be the best ever in Survivor history.  Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember one. 

Next episode:  Russell is back to his old self and we see the return and the demise of the chicken.  I didn’t know they still had the chicken.  It is going to be good!  :twisted:


Survivor Samoa Episode 10: Pre Show Discussion

| November 19, 2009 at 4:36 PM EDT

I had to share these pictures with you guys that I found on the sucks website:



How awesome is this?  Enjoy the show tonight!


Survivor Samoa: Episode 10 Tonight 8/7C

| November 19, 2009 at 8:00 AM EDT

I am so glad it is Thursday!  We have a lot to look forward to tonight on Survivor Samoa.  The castaways race off in search of the idol and the Galu’s make it no secret that they are not going to let Russell out of their sights.  He doesn’t seem all that worried about finding it and looks pretty relaxed in the hammock so what does he have up his sleeve? 

Hopefully the spoilers are true and one of the former members of Foa will win the immunity challenge.  It has been a while since they have won anything and are definitely due.  I’m wondering if they will have a reward challenge this episode.  I’m pretty much pulling for the four Foa’s to win everything from here on out.  I like them all and would be pleased with any of them winning the million. 

Hopefully this episode will live up to the hype and it will be a GREAT show.  Looking forward to tribal council.  Who do you think breaks from their alliance and joins the other side?  My bet is on John.  Be sure to watch it all tonight and join us here after the show to talk it out.


Survivor Samoa Episode 10: The Day of Reckoning

| November 17, 2009 at 9:28 PM EDT

Update:  I just found this post by missyae on blows:  “Let’s make this as generic as possible so nobody gets mad and thinks it is slanted to someone other than who they like.  Immunity challenge is won by a Foa other than Russell Hantz.  There is a tie vote at Tribal Council 5-5.  There is another vote which does not result in a tie.Bye bye Laura!” 

Hey guys!  So I searched and searched for Survivor Samoa spoilers and came up with absolutely nothing!  Things are being kept way on the down low for Thursday’s Survivor show so let’s see if we can break it down from the previews and title. 

The day of reckoning means Retribution for one’s actions, so this brings to mind revenge and payback.  The only question is who’s payback?  Will Foa Foa get their time to shine in challenges this week?  Will Galu get to vote off Russ?  I’m going to speculate and please remember this is just my thoughts and not what is going to happen.  I believe that Russell will indeed make it to the final 3 so he will be safe this week.  I don’t think he finds the immunity idol but either wins the individual immunity challenge or manages to bring over another member of Galu to his side.  We have seen the previews of him lying in the hammock saying “I don’t need it.”  Is he talking about the idol?  I don’t know.  Let’s say he does not win the challenge and does not find the idol.  Who would come over to his side?  It definitely won’t be Laura since they clearly dislike each other.  With Laura sticking with Galu, we can assume that Monica will stay with her.  Dave is so pro Galu that he won’t switch which leaves us with Brett and John.  John already had a deal with Russ and then turned on him last week and I know absolutely nothing about Brett so can’t even imagine what he will do.  He and Kelly were close so maybe he thinks he is the next target of the Foa’s so he makes a secret deal.

I’m going to go way out on a limb and give you this scenario.  CBS has said this will be the most dramatic tribal council ever and that one person switches alliances in order to save themself.  Here is a possibility:  Russell is going to vote with Galu and evict Jaison.  That way he is safe another week and give himself time to find the idol.

Whatever happens, it is going to be such a great show!  What do yall think?  What’s going to happen on Thursday?


Survivor Samoa Episode 10: Early Challenge Information & Rumors

| November 15, 2009 at 11:23 AM EDT

CBS Press Release:  “Tempers flare and an alliance threatens to splinter apart at the most dramatic Tribal Council yet.”  The Day of Reckoning:  A clever castaway jeopardizes the success of a scheme to ensure their own safety in the game.  So in episode 9 of Survivor Samoa we had the most memorable tribal council and this week we have the most dramatic.  It just keeps getting better and better…

We know for a fact from Jeff Probst in the last tribal council that there is now a third hidden immunity idol in play.  We all saw everyone scrounging around looking for it and following Russell’s every move.  Can he beat the odds and find it again??  That is the big question on the minds of all Survivor fans!  I would be surprised if he manages to uncover it with Galu on his heels but with Russ you never can tell.  We know from past spoilers that he is probably going to be in the final 3 so he has to keep saving himself somehow.

episode 10 idolepisode 10 idol 3





The immunity challenge this week shows all ten contestants lined up and throwing something to try and break what looks like ceramic tiles and whomever breaks 3 moves on to the next round.  They do have to break their own tiles and not that of their competitors so they need good aim.   The second round entails shooting a crossbow at an archery board.  From the pictures we know Brett advances to this round but it is not clear who joins him.  I’m not even going to speculate right now on who wins the challenge.

episode 10 immunity challengeepisode 10 immunity challenge 2





Tribal council is going to be real interesting this week.  First we have a possible tie with the 4 Foas and Shambo, making it 5-5.   Russell will need to bring over 1 more member of the Galu tribe in order to save himself if he doesn’t have the idol or win the IC.  In the promos, he is shown laying in the hammock smiling and saying he doesn’t need the idol this week so you have to assume he either wins immunity and makes another alliance.  We are looking for the showdown between him and Laura so perhaps this is the week she goes.  I would think in order to keep Shambo on their side the Foa’s will have to vote out Laura, that is unless she wins the IC yet again!  Surely not 3 in a row.  If she does then we have to face the possibility that either Monica or John will be leaving this episode.

Pictures and Challenge info from TDT.

Do yall think Russ finds the third idol and what do you think happens to make TC so dramatic?


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