Survivor One World watchers weren’t the only ones who thought this season was a bit of a bore. Even host Jeff Probst revealed his true feelings about the season to Entertainment Weekly.

“I think this season was a bit of a letdown,” Jeff said. “No fault of the Survivors, we are the producers. We just didn’t have the standout moments and characters needed for a great season.”

Jeff says that won’t be the case for next season. Survivor Philippines “is going to be a return to GREAT Survivor. I really believe we will remind the audience of how fun Survivor can be.”

Ratings for the finale were also down. Looks like after about week four when it became clear Kim was going to steamroll all the way to the end a couple of folks decided they could use that three hours on Sunday for something more productive. According to reports, the ratings were 10.22 million for the finale and 8.07 million stuck around for the live reunion. That’s down 30 percent for the finale compared to last Spring. The reunion was down 29 percent.