Survivor 2012 Philippines Episode 11 Recap: The Abi-Maria Show


This week on The Abi-Maria Show, I mean Survivor Philippines, we pick right up after that intense Tribal Council last week that left Abi in the know that everyone hates her. Abi is sulking (and rightly so), and everyone else is already planning to vote her out the first chance they get since she spent her hidden immunity idol. And she’s quite aware that she is at the top of everyone’s hit list.

Malcolm likened what happened at Tribal to everyone laying Abi in the road and running her over with a truck, backing up and then running over her again. “My heart goes out to her. A little bit,” Malcolm says.

But everyone is quickly sidetracked when they realize that the Survivor Auction is coming up as their award challenge. That means each of the castaways get $500 to spend on the items that Jeff offers them. And it works just like a real auction with bidding. You know what an auction is.

The first item up for bids is pancakes, bacon, orange juice. Denise blows her whole load on it. $500 pancakes!? OK. Skupin shouts out $500 for the next item before he even knows what it is. It’s cheese and wine. And he doesn’t even drink alcohol. What a fool.

Donuts and iced coffee go to Malcolm for $200. The next is a secret item. Penner bids $100  and wins the bid. It turns out to be fried chicken and french fries. Best deal.

The next item is a secret item as well. Carter wins the bid for $200 and he gets a loaded baked potato. But Jeff offers him a choice. He can take the potato or trade it for rice and beans for the tribe. Carter does what he should do and gives up the potato for the tribe.

The next secret item goes to Lisa for $320. And it’s a giant sandwich and a soda. It actually looked quite delicious. The next item goes to Abi for $500. It’s a secret advantage… Carter takes the next item for $200. It turns out to be veal shanks for the entire tribe. That’s two things Carter scored for the tribe. But they only have 60 seconds to devour it. Without utensils. Nasty. At least everyone got a little something out of the auction.

Everyone is feeling good now and floating on their full bellies and Penner decides to evoke a conversation with Abi. Waaan waaaaan waaaaaaan. Way to go, Penner. So the floodgates are opened and Abi goes on and on about how she feels and how everyone has made her feel. It basically gets no where. I think Lisa may have called Abi a pig, thought. Even though she said she didn’t. Hilarious.

Abi finally goes off to find out what the advantage is that she won in the auction and it’s a pass to the final round in the immunity challenge. That means she has a one in three shot at winning immunity. She decides to use the power for evil, of course, by tricking the others into believing it means something else.

So she plants the seed to Malcolm that she has another immunity idol. Does he buy it?

And then it’s time for this week’s Immunity Challenge. It’s the whole attached to a rope obstacle course. Jeff asks Abi to read the message he received about her advantage. She pretends like it says more than it does to continue her charade. She tells them about the skipping to round three thing and then tears it up so no one will see the second part of the message that doesn’t really exist. Smart move. That’s decent gameplay.

After the first round of the contest, Lisa is cut. After round two, Denise and Skupin are out. That means it’s Penner, Carter and Abi in the final round. Abi wins immunity and won’t be eliminated this week. Looks like Penner’s time is finally up and will be going out tonight since Abi is no longer a choice.

Lisa decides the game is bigger than her and that she’s not good at the game, so she tells Penner that he is the plan and that she’s been told to write his name down at Tribal Council. Carter, Abi and Penner are going for Denise, so Penner goes to Skupin as a swing vote. Even though, he’s not really a swing vote. Another crazy Tribal Council is in store!

And here’s how the votes played out:

  • Denise ended up with 3 votes.
  • Penner ended up with 4 votes.

Penner it is. His torch is snuffed and he heads out in a bitter fashion.

What did you think of the episode and the outcome? Are you surprised the Abi took hold of her game during this episode and saved herself?


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