Brad Culpepper loses on Survivor 2013

Brad Culpepper was eliminated last night on Survivor 2013 and he’s back with his “The Day After” exit interview. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but guess who’s fault it is that Brad Culpepper lost his way out of the game? It sure wasn’t Brad Culpepper’s fault, says Brad!

Brad complains for several minutes that while other castaways got to play with a sibling or other blood relative, he had the daunting task of playing two games at every move because he was there with his wife, Monica. Brad suggests the other tribe members were playing for Tadhana while he was playing every game for Galang. I guess we know which approach works better.

Culpepper says he has no regrets and doesn’t second guess any moves he made on Survivor Blood Vs Water. He says he thinks his best move was helping Monica in the game and thinks she’s got a real chance at bringing home the half-million dollar prize.

What do you think of Brad’s game on Survivor 2013? What do you think he should have done differently in the hopes of lasting longer?

Brad Culpepper – Survivor Blood Vs Water – The Day After: