Survivor Philippines

Last night on the Survivor One World finale we learned a little more about the next Survivor 2012 season: Philippines. Host Jeff Probst introduced us to next season’s twist and it’s a twist on a twist that I’d rather not see again: returning players.

On season 25 of Survivor there will be three tribes, presumably six castaways in each, and one of those castaways from each tribe will be a returning player who was previously eliminated for medical reasons. I wonder how long after Colton’s departure during One World the production team decided they needed to find a way to get him back because this seems tailor made for just that reason. Don’t forget Jeff Probst also asked Colton during the One World Reunion show if he would come back for another season.

The preview segment for Survivor Philippines features lots of past season clips with injuries and evacuations all the way back to season 2 in Australia when Michael Skupin fell in to the fire and became the first castaway evacuated for medical reasons. If you were building the list of three returning castaways who saw their time on Survivor cut short, who would you want back for Survivor 25?