You may or may not recognize Survivor 2015 “white collar” castaway Tyler Fredrickson. I’m going to go with may not, but you never know.

Tyler Fredrickson on Survivor 2015

The 33-year-old former talent agency assistant from Pasadena, California, also spent some time in the NFL as a placekicker. He played for the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders for a few preseason games in 2007, but never made it to the actual season. But he still totes playing in the NFL. So that’s why you may or may not know him.

Since that gig, Tyler moved onto the entertainment industry where he worked for one of the biggest casting agencies in Hollywood, CAA, where he admittedly started at the bottom as a casting assistant. But even as an assistant, he says he worked with Hollywood A-listers every day.

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Tyler plans to take all of his skills he learned from excelling in academics and athletics to help him hold his place among the Masaya Tribe during Survivor Worlds Apart. He also has no plans to just lay low.

“I’m not going to go out with a whimper or missed opportunities,” Tyler says. “I want to really go out there and be a difference maker and not watch this thing go by without being a participant.”