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Survivor Samoa Episode 13: Full web promo

| December 5, 2009 at 11:33 AM EDT

Hey guys! Here is the video for Survivor Samoa episode 13:

Russell pulls his boldest move yet on an episodes that features two immunity challenges, two tribal councils and two people getting voted off the island.



Survivor Samoa Episode 11: Post show discussion

| December 3, 2009 at 10:22 PM EDT

Tonight on Survivor Samoa we get a glimpse of what is to come when the show starts out with John explaining to Monica why he turned on Laura.  In her confessional, Monica calls John a Judas and says she wants him gone.

Tree Mail:  $500.00 for everyone to bid on items in the auction and what a great auction it was.  First off, Natalie buys a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for $200.00 and later for $120.00 buys herself a shower and gets clean underwear.  Shambo gets the survivor version of spaghetti for $240.00 which turns out to be sea noodles, slug guts and parmesan. (gross!)  She eats it up.  Monica buys herself an entire roasted chicken for $340.00; Jaison gets help for the immunity challenge for $500.00; John gets a clue to the hidden immunity idol that Russell has already found for $200.00 and Mick gets a cold beer, cheeseburger and fries for $500.00.  John has the choice for $300.00 to buy a piece of apple pie for himself or an entire pie for his tribe mates and he chooses the piece for himself and this does not sit well with the others.  I did feel a little sorry for poor ole John while he was looking for the immunity idol until he wised up and realized Russell had already found it.

They finally decide to eat one of the chickens  and this makes Shambo sad.  I swear I thought she was about to cry.   She claims the chickens are her single source of happiness in the last 29 days.  Poor Sham, I mean I think I could find something to be happy about besides a chicken.  What a joke!  She does coin the phrase of our title “Off with their heads”.  She then gets a little antagonistic over boiling the chicken.  She tells everyone to shut up because when it comes to cooking, she definitely knows what she is doing.  This is from the same person who “knew” how to make fire and couldn’t and “knew” how to care for the chickens and then let one loose and couldn’t catch it.  So when Dave questions why she is cooking them for two hours, she gets mad and seeks to have him eliminated.  I’d say the girl is a little unstable.

The immunity challenge was an endurance challenge where the contestants have to hold onto a rope by one hand that is tied to a board that has knots all the way down.  Every three minutes they switch hands and lower the board by a knot.  For Jaison’s reward he gets to move up two knots any time he chooses and does this after four knots.  It works out well for him and he wins the competition and receives the immunity necklace.  It was nice to see a little smile come across his face for a minute.  The bigger surprise for me was seeing how well Natalie did.  I mean she blew everyone away and lost only to Jaison and Dave.  Way to go girl and yes my hubby thought she looked very refreshed after her shower. :)

We are on the way to seeing Dave voted out when John runs his mouth to Russell and tells him he knows he (Russ) has the immunity idol and of course Russ concurs.  Russ realizes he made a mistake by letting John know he had the idol and decides to blind side John.  He gets everyone on board but doesn’t tell Sham.  At tribal we have Sham thinking they are voting out Dave; John thinking they are voting out Mick; and everyone else on board to vote out John.  It was all pretty comical from here on my couch.  Sham was absolutely floored and poor John.  He just looked pitiful.  For me, it made much more sense to vote out Dave who is better in the challenges and is incredibly smart but Russ has to have it his way and he got it.  Almost every eviction has been his idea because of some reason or another and you have to hand it to him, he does have the power of persuasion.  But according to the previews for next week, it looks like his best ally, Mick, isn’t too happy with him and doesn’t want the “snake” to jump up and bite him.

What did yall think of tonight’s episode and is next week the end of Evil Russell or just a way to spin the previews to keep us guessing?


Survivor Samoa: Episode 11 Tonight at 8/7C

| December 3, 2009 at 8:00 AM EDT

“Off With Their Heads”, The castaways bid on items that include food and an immunity idol.  For immunity, the players take part in an endurance challege.  Also:  Shambo dreams that Dave gets voted out; and Russell attempts to get Dave on his side.  per tv guide.

Finally!  It has been 2 weeks since we last saw Laura evicted and sent to the jury and now tonight we get to see who is next.  It looks like another great episode of Survivor Samoa as we wait on the auction and immunity challenge to begin.

Be sure to join us here for pre and post show discussions as we wait and see what Russell has in store for us tonight.

What are your expectations for tonight’s show?


Survivor Samoa Episode 11: 2 days away

| December 1, 2009 at 7:15 PM EDT

Oh how I wish Survivor was on more than once a week!

Only 2 days to go and we will say goodbye to John. (sniff)  Thanks to missyae, we have all kinds of tidbits on what is going to happen Thursday.  Jaison finally wins a challenge thanks to whatever he gets at the auction.  Good for him and about time!  It looks like Monica gets something disgusting so can’t wait to see what that is and apparently for all you men, you can see Natalie looking good.  (hubby is going to like that!) 

Also, missyae let us know that there will be no letters or videos from home.  Not sure why they decided to do that but I feel sorry for the castaways who are feeling home sick.  They better suck it up and get over it because it is not happening this season.  There will not be a car giveaway this year either. 

Is it fair for the contestants to miss out on the opportunity to hear from their loved ones?  What is the speculation on Monica’s reward and where did John go wrong with the four foas?


Survivor Samoa: Episode 11 – Spoiler Alert

| November 29, 2009 at 10:53 AM EDT

This week on Survivor Samoa, the reward challenge is going to be an auction like that had in Survivor Guatemala.  Up for grabs?  Possibly food, unwanted items, and the twist being an item to give an advantage in the immunity challenge.  Not sure what this item is or how it may help someone in the IC.  From the picture of John and Russell, it looks like someone got a bad reward.

episode 11 rewardepisode 11 reward 2





The IC looks like an endurance challenge this week.  The players stand on a board while holding onto a rope that is tied around another board.  It looks like they have to keep this board from falling to the ground.  Jaison is believed to be the winner of this challenge as the promo shows Russell seated next to him while he is wearing the immunity necklace.

episode 11 immunity 2

According to missyae, we will say goodbye to John in this episode of Survivor.  He went against his former tribemates of Galu last week and I am sure they want some revenge.  Monica already didn’t care for him and he is a threat in the challenges, it seems that he is the logical choice.  :(  Yes, I will miss John.

What do yall think about the eviction of John and what is Russell’s next big move in the game?

Pictures and challenge info from TDT and Survivor Fever.


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