Survivor 2013: Who Got Voted Off? Episode 4 Results

Survivor 2013 - Episode 4

CBS is promising us a “shocking” blindside in episode 4 when we find out who was voted off Survivor tonight. Will it be Brad as many are expecting after his brazen moves in Tadhana or are we just being set up for another surprise? It’s time to find out.

Live results from tonight’s Survivor will be posted here so join in with us and share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

This week’s show kicks off as the Tadhana tribe returns from Tribal Council after voting out John in a surprising turn of events. Well, it was surprising to him for sure.

Next stop, we’re heading off to Redemption Island where John will face off against his wife Candice in a “first ever” for Survivor. Of course, don’t forget Marissa is there too and has survived two of these challenges already.

Once again, first two to finish the challenge stay alive. Loser is out. Winner gets a clue to deliver to another castaway.

John and Marissa are neck and neck as they unravel a rope to unlock a bag of puzzle pieces. Candice is far behind but this looks very complicated so she should have time to catch up.

John is tearing through his puzzle. Jeff says it’s like John created the puzzle himself. Sure enough he handily wins the challenge. Now it’s down to Marissa and Candice. Marissa starts to fall behind as Candice pulls hers together. Yep, there she goes. Candice completes her puzzle. Marissa is eliminated from Survivor tonight.

It’s time to see who gets the Hidden Immunity Idol that we heard about so much. Candice immediately tells John to give it to Monica. He agrees and Jeff delivers it to her. Brad shouts to Monica that she needs to burn it in the fire. She takes it down and drops it in without even opening it up.

Back at camps we hear some interesting stuff from both tribes. Tadhana doesn’t want to get rid of Brad just yet since he’ll attract attention at the merge. Meanwhile over at Galang we find out that Tyson is nervous about Vytas.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Galang sits out Tina and Kat rather than Tyson. Go figure. The tribes send out seven castaways each in a boat to collect floating crates. They’ll bring these back to build steps, retrieve a puzzle, and then release their tribe flag to win. Luxuries are up for grabs along with Immunity tonight.

Tadhana again does a better job handling their boat and even gets a small lead in the crate-collecting phase. They head back just ahead of Galang, but wait, Tadhana tips their boat and loses two crates. Galang takes the lead.

Back on the beach both tribes are neck and neck as they stack the crates. Tadhana gets a slight lead heading in to the puzzle portion. Galang gets ahead, completes their puzzle, and releases the key to raise their flag. Galang wins yet again. Tadhana loses for the fourth straight week. Back to Tribal Council they go.

Heading in to Tribal Council part of Tadhana thinks Ciera will be voted out while another group thinks it’ll be Caleb. Time to air their dirty laundry before we get to the voting.

In an interesting move Caleb announces to the girls that he’s writing down Brad’s name. He is rallying the tribe to join him and things get stressful for everyone. It’s time to vote.

  • Vote 1: Brad
  • Vote 2: Ciera
  • Vote 3: Ciera
  • Vote 4: Brad
  • Vote 5: Ciera
  • Vote 6: Brad

It’s a tie! Back to voting. Brad and Ciera can’t vote and the rest can only vote for either Brad or Ciera.

  • Vote 1: Brad
  • Vote 2: Ciera
  • Vote 3: Brad
  • Vote 4: Brad

That’s it for Brad. He is voted off Survivor tonight. Brad Culpepper will head to Redemption Island and face off next week against Candice and John.

Do you think Tadhana made the right choice in voting out Brad or should it have been Ciera?


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