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Survivor Samoa – Episode 3 Preview Video

| October 1, 2009 at 8:00 AM EDT

Get ready for tonight’s second episode of Survivor Samoa tonight on CBS at 8PM. Can the survivors get through another immunity challenge without busting each other apart?? We’ll find out tonight!


Survivor Samoa Episode Three: Rumors and Speculation

| September 29, 2009 at 12:45 PM EDT

Update: An earthquake hit the Island of Samoa yesterday and set off 4 tsunamis.  At least 99 people are dead and a dozen still missing from the islands of  Samoa and American Samoa.  The Survivor crew were not filming at this time.

I have been looking for some spoilers for everyone about the upcoming episode of Survivor.  Last week I found some good information however the lid is tightly closed regarding this weeks events.   It looks like the reward challenge will be interesting as the teams are pulling crates out of the water in what could be a puzzle contest.


If the rumors are true then Galu will win the challenge and get to choose between a tarp or bedding and GRussell chooses bedding much to the disappointment of his tribe.  Apparently it is raining quite a bit and they really needed the tarp to stay dry so he has to endure some harsh words from his teammates.  Could this be the beginning of the end for GRuss??   Or is Galu’s dislike of Shambo enough to send her home?  She didn’t do herself any favors last week not coming back with any fish and swimming around in the swamp.  How about losing the mouth piece from the snorkel?  Her tribe is not happy with her so when she goes off on them for doing yoga this week, don’t be surprised to see her voted out if Galu loses the immunity challenge.

What is in store for team Foa Foa this week?  The commercial shows Jaison trying to rally the troops against BRussell.  I wonder if he will tell them about the immunity idol?  Since BRuss does have the idol it doesn’t make much sense to me for Jaison to go after him.   For all he knows Bruss could save him from eviction.  Why go against him now?   Episode 3 is titled “It’s Called a Russell Seed” so it will be interesting to see if he can maintain his so called control of the tribe.  I had hoped that Jaison would stick with him because they would have definitely gotten far together.  If Foa Foa loses the challenge, I am anxiously waiting to see whose side everyone takes.

foa foa 1

Who will win the immunity challenge this week?  Who gets to visit the other tribe?  Who gets a clue to the immunity idol?  And who will be the next castaway evicted from Samoa?

I hope we do not see Foa Foa sitting at tribal council this week or I hate to say it, they are doomed!

I will continue to update if I hear more rumors before Thursday.


Schmergenbrawl, one of the most physical challenges in survivor history!!

| September 26, 2009 at 1:00 AM EDT

Hoop Battles, Cheap Shots, Swamp Wading, and History In The Making

Still more fighting

Episode 2 was well worth the wait.  Schmergenbrawl, the reward/immunity challenge, was what I would describe as a cross between mud wrestling, football, and basketball.  Galu defeats Foa Foa for the 2nd time, but not before Ben is ejected from the game for excessive play and unknowingly sets the tone for the day at camp…

Even more fighting More Fighting Court Battle Rus S vs Jaison

Who knew that getting charged and thrown several feet, elbowed, knocked in the head, yanked by the leg while in motion, and body slammed is more amicable than being tripped.  Ben was not the worst offender…

Betsy and Liz reward at left…In any event, one less player cost his tribe much needed fishing gear and immunity, Mike was medically discharged, Betsy was sent home, and to top it all off, Galu member, Yasmin, accompanied Foa Foa to their camp and observed tribal council…It was bad enough listening to her whine at the beginning of the show (Where the @#*% did she think she was goin’…the Four Seasons?)…So listening to her “fraggle nackle bull” at the opposing camp was too much, and while I don’t condone Ben’s phrasing, I understand.  Who does she think she is?  I’m willing to bet this “diva’s” days are numbered.  If (and that’s a big IF) she makes it to the merge, she will undoubtedly be one of the first, if not the first, to go.

JohnSpeaking of Galu, I think that “pretty boy” John may have comeback from his swimming debacle…Let’s congratulate him on making a point!  Shambo, on the other hand, keeps digging her own grave…Last week she isolated herself by choosing not to bond with her tribe, and this week she alienated herself by proving to be more of a liability than an asset.  Jeff Probst said, “If you can’t catch fish with this, GO HOME.” Well, Shambo is on her way, not because she “can’t” catch fish, but because she opted to back float in the swamp over fishing by the reefs where, according to her, there are “hundreds and thousands” of fish.  What?  She let her tribe down, and was nonchalant about breaking the equipment.  She’s a bad decision maker and a big disappointment.  Hey Shambo, the good news is that you weren’t elected tribal chief…the bad news is that Galu is sending you’re a@@ home…LOL!

The biggest Survivor is living up to my expectations and is history in the making.  Ben was the first ever to be ejected from a challenge, and to my knowledge, no one has ever looked for and/or found the immunity idol before receiving a clue.  Love him or hate him…Russell Hantz has got game.  He is focused, never loses sight of his purpose, and is in game mode 24/7.  Furthermore, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the first time a tribe has won fishing gear and failed to catch a single fish.

How will this weeks events affect next weeks camaraderie within the tribes?  Who is next, Yasmin, Shambo, or Ben?  Media hype or is Jaison really rallying the troops against “evil” Russell?


Survivor Samoa Episode 2 – Even Better Than The First!!!

| September 25, 2009 at 11:37 AM EDT

Wow!  That is all I can say for the episode last night!  Sorry this is late but I was up for a while with my 2 new puppies and had lots to do this morning with them.  :razz: So much happened last night so I can only touch on a few so let’s get started.

First, Ben got thrown out of the challenge.  Jeff Probst stands by his decision but I don’t know if I necessarily agree with it.  What did he do that was so much worse then anyone else?  He kicked GRussell’s feet out from under him to stop him from getting the ball.  After watching Shambo head butt Liz, I thought what Ben did was pretty tame.  Granted Jeff did warn everyone about taking cheap shots and Ben did trip up GRuss right in front of him but I thought that it was the nature of the game to stop the other team from getting the ball.  :shock:

Second, we have the “big” confrontation between Yasmin and Ben.  I thought Ben was out of line in the personal attacks he was making against Yasmin.  I know the members of Foa Foa were put off by Yasmin’s speach and she did come across as a biotch for her “taking candy from a baby” statement but did Ben really have to take it to the level he did?  I don’t think so.  I thought he made himself look like a complete jerk on national television and lost a lot of fans and support that he may have otherwise had.

Third, can we have a drum roll please,  What about BRUSSELL??  I was actually really impressed with his decision to search for the immunity idol.  He even told his tribe members what he was doing and what did they do?  They just sat around as he looked for it right in front of them.  I thought it was a GREAT moment when he found the idol in the tree and hid it in his pants right in front of everyone.  Good for him!  I may regret saying this next week, but I did gain some respect and he and Jaison are now my two favorites on the show. :twisted:   However, I am stating this before I have really gotten to see much of Galu.

Fourth, we saw the loss of two members of Foa Foa.  Mike had to leave for health reasons which I think is an absolute shame because he really kicked butt in the challenge.  He was tackling people and throwing them down and was really an asset to his team.  I felt bad for him and hated to see him go.  I wish that since Mike had to leave they could have left it at that but unfortunately there was a tribal council and Betsy got voted out.  I will let someone else touch on this in another blog because I really didn’t care for her and I know most of you really liked her so I will leave it for now. :oops:

What did everyone think about the show?  Do you think Ben is worse then BRuss?  Did Yasmin overstep her bounds and was Ben justified in his behavior toward her?


Survivor Samoa – Episode 2 – Post Discussion

| September 25, 2009 at 8:13 AM EDT

Last night on Survivor Samoa 2 castaways were eliminated. Mike was removed from the game due to low blood pressure and Betsy was voted out after her team, Foa Foa, lost again in the immunity challenge.

Feel free to use this post for commentary and discussion on last night’s episode.


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