Survivor 2013 Caramoan: Episode 13 Results

Survivor Caramoan episode 13

Here come the tears. Tonight on Survivor we’ll enjoy the family reunion moments along with another immunity challenge that could be anyone’s game. By the end of the night we’ll have our results on who was voted off Survivor as we work our way toward the season finale.

The alliance of six has cracked given Eddie, the final odd man out, the chance at driving the wedge further between the other five or face his own elimination. Let’s see what happens next.

Tonight’s first prize is island fever and Erik is the big winner. He’s hungry and those damn coconuts have been laughing at him since day three, he says, so he tries to climb an incredibly tall tree to get them. The end. What? We don’t even find out if he got the coconuts? Oh, cruel editors. Wait, no, after the commercial we find out he was unsuccessful. Ah well.

As we get ready for the first challenge of the night it’s time for the family reunion. Lots of tears all around including a small one from Jeff Probst who says it was his first tear in 26 seasons of this.

The pairs have to spin in a circle to unwind and release rails for the bolo game. Heh, Cochran and his mom aren’t really trying. Erik and his brother are leading the challenge as the first to even get to throwing. Well despite all that it comes down to Brenda and her dad winning the competition. That puts Brenda in the decision-maker seat.

Brenda gets to pick one other castaway to take with her back to the luxury picnic. She immediately goes for Dawn and her husband. Now Jeff throws in a twist. If Brenda gives up her time and Dawn’s chance then the other four castaways get the picnic plus a visit from a second loved one. Wow. That’s tough.

Brenda says, “of course, I’m going to give it to them.” So there go for the others for a barbecue while Dawn and Brenda go back to camp empty handed.

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge “I Hold On” as we watched earlier today in the spoilers. Jeff says there’s no food to tempt them away with this week. Just lots of pain instead.

After 15 minutes Cochran is already struggling but doesn’t want to drop. No matter, he’s out first. Jeff lowers them again and at 25 minutes it’s looking very bad for Eddie and he’s out. Well, that should be it for him. Erik goes next leaving just the women like we saw in the challenge teaser.

With just the ladies left Sherri goes next. Dawn wants to have an immunity win, but Brenda says she won’t give in for her. Jeff lowers them again. After another turn of the crank we see Brenda succumb to the challenge and fall in. Dawn wins Immunity.

It’s Tribal Council time and we might, just might get a blindside for Brenda, but we know how this show likes to tease us with misinformation and fakes head moves. It’s time to vote.

It comes down to 1 vote against Erik, 2 against Brenda, and 2 against Eddie. Last vote is… Brenda. Brenda is voted off Survivor Caramoan tonight. She tells the tribe “it hurt” and says she was honest with them as she walks off with tears in her eyes.

Did the tribe make the right decision tonight on Survivor?


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