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Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Episode 02 Recap [PICS]

Last night on Survivor 2015 the Worlds Apart tribes had a shuffle in the success story and a new Collar found their way to Tribal Council where another castaway was voted off.

Survivor 2015 castaways celebrate a win

Survivor 2015 castaways celebrate a win – Source: CBS

With no activity on the Hidden Immunity Idol, Carolyn Rivera kept that quietly tucked away, we jumped right over to the Immunity Challenge. Well, not before Vince Sly had a few words with Joe Anglim over all the ways he “wronged” Vince in a parallel, delusional Survivor world.

The Immunity Challenge gave us a great opportunity to see the physical side of these castaways. Each tribe had five players working their way across the way dragging a tethered buoy with them. Once all five balls were on the other side it was a shoot out to see who could get them all in their basket first.

Kudos to the White Collar tribe on a big win after last week’s flop. Go figure the supposedly brainy tribe would do better in a physical comp while failing at the thinking element last week. Their win also netted them a sweet fishing gear set to help deal with hunger issues.

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That left Blue & No Collars to fight it out for safety vs elimination. Blue pulled through in a solid win over Red who couldn’t get a single buoy in to their basket. Oops.

Heading in to Tribal Council the No Collars were scrambling for a scapegoat with Nina, Will, and Vince seeming likely candidates. Nina for her earlier drama over being an outcast, Will for his miserable performance, and Vince for his terrible social behavior over the girls favoring the more pleasant, less creepy Joe.

In the end it was Vince Sly who was voted off Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart 3-2-1 over Jenn and Nina, respectively. Unlike last week’s results, I don’t think we’ll be missing anything with this elimination.

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Survivor Spoilers: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 3/4/2015

Last night on Survivor 2015 another castaway was voted off when the remaining tribe members battle it out for Immunity while one player is looking for revenge.

Tribal Council on Survivor 2015

Tribal Council on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Following last week’s meltdown by White Collar at the Immunity Challenge it was interesting to see if they could rally before Masaya suddenly found itself stuck in a rut. We’re also expecting drama from Nina Poersch who feels wronged by her tribe and isn’t going to let that go quietly. Looks like another fun episode head for us this week!

Here’s a run through of last night’s episode highlights with who won each Survivor challenge and the Tribal Council results.

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Immunity Challenge:
Teams are out in the water where they’ll work five buoy balls along a rope through an obstacle course. Winners get a fishing kit with a spear plus Immunity while second place just gets Immunity.

  • Blue sits out Kelly; Red sits out Nina
  • Reward to winners is …
  • White Collar wins Immunity & Reward
  • Blue Collar wins Immunity
  • Red Collar loses overwhelmingly & heads to Tribal Council

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Hidden Immunity Idol:

  • No activity this week on the Idol front.

Tribal Council – Eliminated Castaway:

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Tonight On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart “It Will Be My Revenge”

Tonight on Survivor 2015 the second episode of Worlds Apart airs with “It Will Be My Revenge” which certainly sounds like an intriguing title. Here we come, drama!

Update: Find out who was voted off last night on Survivor for the latest results.

Survivor 2015 No Collar tribe on Episode 2

Survivor 2015 No Collar tribe on Episode 2 – Source: CBS

This week’s Survivor episode returns to just one-hour after last week’s extended premiere so get ready to watch tonight starting at 8PM ET/PT and find out just who is getting their revenge on Worlds Apart.

We’ve had a look at photos from episode 02 along with clips that showed a very upset Nina Poersch who was frustrated with her tribe plus a run through of this week’s Immunity Challenge. Looks like this one to go to any of the three tribes and considering how last week’s challenge fell apart for the White Collars this could be anyone’s game.

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Survivor Spoilers: Worlds Apart Immunity Challenge – Week 2 [PICS]

Week 2 on Survivor 2015 delivers another round of a challenge and elimination combo and here we’ve got our first look at what the 17 remaining castaways will face for Immunity.

Jeff Probst holds tribal immunity on Survivor 2015

Jeff Probst holds tribal immunity on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

We’re heading out to the beach and surf for this week’s Survivor challenge. With three tribes playing I expect we’ll again see first place get Immunity plus Reward while second place earns a satisfying Immunity. Third place? Bad luck.

The castaways on No Collar and Blue Collar will each have to sit someone out to be even with White Collars after their elimination of So Kim last week. Looks like Kelly Remington sits out for Blue while Nina Poersch is on the sideline for Red. Hmm, I wonder if that plays in to what has got Nina so worked up in this week’s preview.

Tribes must work a ball along a rope through an obstacle course with obviously lots of swimming plus some climbing. This seems like a pretty even match up for the teams and could go to any of them. Who do you think has the best shot at winning this Survivor Immunity Challenge?

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Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Power Rankings For Week One

Survivor 2015 is one week down and after that first week, this looks like it could be quite the season.

Before we get to this week’s episode, let’s take a look back at last week and register how everyone did with the first Survivor Worlds Apart Power Rankings.

Nargarote Tribe - No Collar

A. No Collar Tribe

As the winners of the immunity challenge, the guys who call themselves free spirits have to come in at number one among the other tribes. Now let’s rank each player individually.

1. Joe Anglim. I think Joe is in the best position right now. Everyone seems to like him, especially the women. That coupled with his physical abilities put him at the top of the list this week.

2. Will Sims. He and Jenn chose the honest option and opted out of a clue for the hidden immunity idol. While it might the dumb to give up a clue on one hand, on the other, they gained trust among their tribemates.

3. Jenn Brown ranks lower than Will simply because she has two men almost ready to fight for her. And while that’s impressive, it can spell trouble in the Survivor world.

4. Vince Sly. He’s annoying, but he’s charming and seems to be keeping everyone smiling, so I think that puts him in a decent spot for now.

5. Hali Ford. There’s not much to say about her yet. She did her share in the immunity challenge and has a better argument to stick around longer than the No. 6 castaway.

6. Nina Poersch. Let’s face it, Survivor contestants are often ageist. So at 51, Nina could be in trouble if the tribe goes to Tribal Council.

Escameca Tribe - Blue Collar

B. Blue Collar Tribe

The guys who get their hands dirty for work come in at number two simply because they came in second in the immunity challenge and escaped Tribal Council. Let’s take a look at their Survivor 2015 players individually.

1. Mike Holloway. This guy seems to be the most grounded. He has a Survivor winner feel about him too right now. I think he takes the top spot for their tribe this week.

2. Kelly Remington. She’s tough. As a state trooper, she can surely keep order among her tribe.

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