Ahh, Abi-Maria. What an interesting Survivor Second Chance castaway. I’d scratch my head and wonder how she got back on the show, but I’m thinking that’s more obvious than I originally imagined.

Abi Maria Gomes explains her Survivor experience

Abi Maria Gomes explains her Survivor experience – Source: CBS

Abi was a pot stirrer in her first season and certainly was in her second one too. She made a comeback to entertain us and there’s no doubt that she added to the plot week after week. Whether she was accusing PG of trying to steal her bracelet or being the most unreliable, stress inducing ally, Abi-Maria Gomes was entertaining.

Now out of the Survivor Second Chance game she sat down for her “Day After” interview where she explained what was wrong with everyone around her. Yeah, it’s a tough clip to watch even at just a few minutes of duration but if you’re up to the challenge here’s what Abi had to say.

Abi-Maria Gomes ‘Day After’ Survivor interview: