The new season of Survivor 2015 debuted on September 23rd on CBS and features twenty returning castaways all looking for their Survivor Second Chance. Making things even more exciting for fans is this was your chance to pick an entire Survivor cast!

Survivor Second Chance - Cambodia 2015 Season 31
Survivor Second Chance – Cambodia 2015 Season 31

CBS opened voting for the upcoming Season 31 for fans to vote on the season’s twenty castaways out of the available thirty options. Yes, ten players would be cut short from their dream at a second chance of winning a million dollar prize and becoming the Sole Survivor in their redemption round.

All of the castaways were supposed to be selected by the audience, but after some legal mumbo-jumbo came to light that it was actually going to be a combination of viewer votes and CBS picks to make up the final Survivor Second Chance cast. CBS was quick to backpedal and again promise that all twenty cast members would be picked by the fans.

Survivor Second Chance was filmed in Cambodia where the season set to follow it in broadcast has actually already been filmed. This appears to be the first time seasons are aired out of order from how they’re taped. The Survivor 2015 Second Chance cast was revealed during the Worlds Apart finale reunion show on May 20, 2015 when the voting closed during the live show.

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