The next Survivor theme as “Game Changers” was just officially confirmed by CBS but plenty of news has been long since leaked including the new Survivor 2017 cast.

Survivor 2017 Season 34 Game Changers

According to the next season of Survivor, premiering March 8, 2017, won’t be a surprise for which twenty former castaways have been brought back, adding to the list of names Jeff Probst confirmed during the Survivor finale last week.

Here’s the combined listing of the 20 veteran castaways ready to hit the beach on Survivor Game Changers next season:

Survivor 2017 Cast

Jeff Probst revealed these first eight of the coming season’s twenty players:

Survivor 2017 castaways - group 01

  • Caleb Reynolds
  • Ciera Eastin
  • Cirie Fields
  • Michaela Bradshaw

Survivor 2017 castaways - group 02

  • Ozzy Lusth
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine
  • Tai Trang
  • Tony Vlachos

Inside Survivor reports an additional twelve castaways on Game Changers:

Survivor 2017 castaways - group 03

  • Andrea Boehlke
  • Aubry Bracco
  • Brad Culpepper
  • Debbie Wanner

Survivor 2017 castaways - group 04

Survivor 2017 castaways - group 05

  • Sarah Lacina
  • Sierra Dawn-Thomas
  • Troyzan Robertson
  • Zeke Smith

Looks like this could be another great all-stars season with this Survivor cast but I’d be hesitant to call all of them “game changers” though maybe they’ll stamp out their own Survivor legacy this time around.

For now we’ll have to get ready and await the March 8th return of Survivor 2017 even though this season has already been filmed and the winner has been decided. We’ll get more official details from CBS as things get closer so keep an eye out for all our coverage.