The next season is right around the corner for Survivor 2017 as the Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers take over Season 35 on CBS starting this fall when Jeff Probst takes us back to Fiji in search of the next Sole Survivor.

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Survivor returns this fall on CBS for its 35th season and we’ve got an all new cast this time around! Find out some of the early details on what’s ahead.

Survivor 2017 Cast:

An all new cast for Survivor 2017 delivers three separate tribe teams featuring players with a background in everything from being EMTs, to doctors, to therapists, and even a bell hop. I’m thrilled that we’re getting a cast of entirely new players so that’s going to be something fun for us as we watch and get to know a new batch of castaways this season.

Meet all of the new 18 castaways on the Survivor 2017 cast with three tribes and six players on each.

Survivor 2017 Bootlist – Official Results:

  1. Katrina Radke – Episode 01
  2. Simone Nguyen – Episode 02
  3. Patrick Bolton – Episode 03
  4. Alan Ball – Episode 04
  5. Roark Luskin – Episode 05
  6. Ali Elliott – Episode 06
  7. Jessica Johnston – Episode 07
  8. Desi Williams – Episode 08
  9. Cole Medders – Episode 09
  10. JP Hilsabeck – Episode 10
  11. Joe Mena – Episode 11
  12. Lauren Rimmer – Episode 12
  13. Ashley Nolan – Episode 13
  14. Mike Zahalsky – Episode 14
  15. Devon Pinto – Episode 14

Final 3: Ben Driebergen, Chrissy Hofbeck, & Ryan Ulrich

Winner of Survivor 2017: Ben Driebergen

Survivor 2017 Schedule:

Things kick off this fall when Survivor 2017 starts on Wednesday, September 27th with just a one hour premiere event. New episodes air each Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. The season finale arrives Wednesday, December 20th at 8/7c for the three-hour event.

We’ll keep an eye out for early Survivor spoilers for the next season so keep checking back in on the site to see what’s going on as the new season approaches. While we wait, what are you hoping to see when Jeff Probst and company returns for a new season of competition and torch snuffing?

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