Survivor 2017: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 10/25/2017

Survivor 2017 results & episode spoilers

New tribes rolled on last night on Survivor as the shuffled castaways did their best to hang on while Jeff Probst and company tossed them about on the beaches of Fiji. Last week it was a loss for Levu (blue) that lead to Devon’s “advantage,” Joe’s Hidden Idol, and Alan’s departure. Who was voted off last night? It’s time to find out!

We’ve got fourteen castaways left with five on both Yellow and Red while Blue is down a player. That’ll give the fuller tribes a few more choices in the challenges than Levu has available, but of course, they’ll have the advantage of an extra fire under their feet the other tribes might not feel just yet.

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Survivor 2017 Week 5: Reward Challenge

Who wants to roll around in the sand with your legs and arms bound together? What if there were coffee and donuts waiting at the other end? Exactly. After rolling the ball along the beach with just their heads the tribes will have to shoot five baskets.

Tribes will each sit out a player on the Yellow and Red tribes, but they better choose carefully because whoever sits out for this comp won’t be eligible to sit for the upcoming Immunity Challenge. Everyone on Blue will be competing since they’re down one castaway. Chrissy and Lauren sit out for their tribes.

Blue has a strong lead as they’re shooting baskets while the other tribes struggle away. Mike is straggling while Ryan (Yellow) loses the ball on a hill… then he does it again. Ouch. And there he goes again. Ugh.

Red and Blue are shooting away while Yellow is back still working the obstacles. Blue maintains their strong lead and it’s enough for the win. Now it’s between Yellow and Red for a small serving of ice coffee. Really? That’s the pressure applying reward? Come on, Survivor.

Nope, never mind. Yellow doesn’t have a chance. Red finishes getting their baskets while Yellow didn’t even get close. That loss is going to go on Ryan’s shoulders, but at least it wasn’t the Immunity challenge.

Blue wins Reward. Red gets 2nd.

Survivor 2017 Week 5: Hidden Idol

Jessica is frustrated with Cole giving away all the secrets so she decides to get closer to Mike. While they’re hanging out at the camp’s well she suggests Mike dig around for an Idol. Sure enough, Mike finds an Idol in the same position as Joe found it back at their old camp. Lame, Survivor. Very lame.

Survivor 2017 Week 5: Immunity Challenge

This is going to be a tough one, as it should. Two of the tribes will again be dropping a castaway on the side while four for each group will be competing. Mike and Ryan sit out for their respective tribes.

Those in on the action will head in toward the beach while grabbing three large bags of rice along the way. Next, they’ll have to shove those oversized bags through a small hole, climb a wall, and drag it on to the shore. It isn’t over yet either. Next, they’ll tear open the rice bags, retrieve the balls inside, and work them up a holey wall to secure the win.

Blue is way behind here as Red and Yellow are already working on the balance beam in the water with the rice bags. But wait, here comes Blue catching up and it’s pretty even between the tribes. Now Blue is in the lead!

Blue is already working on the holey wall while Red is catching up and starting their turn on the wall. Yellow is finally catching up. Now remember that there are three balls to get up the wall and one person can only score one ball each, something to force the tribes to spread the effort.

Red has the lead here for the win needing just one more while the other two tribes each have just one of their three…

Red wins Immunity! Blue gets 2nd. Yellow loses.

Survivor 2017 Week 5: Tribal Council

Someone is about to get voted off Survivor from the Soko/Yellow tribe. Grab some fire for your torch.

Heading in to Tribal we’re hearing on Soko that the main targets are Chrissy and Roark. Ryan figures out he’s in the pivot position and will decide which of those two to eliminate.

Jeff reveals the votes: Chrissy, Roark, Chrissy, Roark, & Roark.

Roark Luskin was voted off Survivor.

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