Survivor 2017: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 12/6/2017

Survivor 2017 results & episode spoilers

Grab yer handkerchief. Last night on Survivor 2017 the loved ones arrived. Yes, the final remaining seven castaways got a chance to reunite with family and it played out in this week’s Reward Challenge. After that emotional drama was out of the way we’ll be back to some Immunity Idol drama with Ben making a fake Idol and one of the castaways getting a temptation to grab one out in the open at the next Immunity Challenge. All that boiled over in grand fashion at Tribal Council.

Survivor 2017 Week 11: Reward Challenge

Castaways will face a tag team race here with their family members who show up to cheer on their own loved ones here in Fiji. There are lots of tears all around and the players are thrilled to get a hug before the competition begins.

Well this is a weird one. Each couple has a pair of bags. They’ll have to draw a marble out of a bag. If they match, they stay another round. If they don’t match, they’re out. What a disappointing challenge. Fly these people to Fiji to draw a single marble? No skill or effort, just complete luck? I hope we don’t see this challenge again. What a waste.

Lauren & her daughter draw mismatch. She’s out.
Mike & his wife draw mismatch. He’s out.
Ryan & his dad draw mismatch. He’s out.
Ben & his wife draw a match.
Chrissy & her husband draw a match.
Ashley & her dad draw mismatch. He’s out.
Devon & his mom draw mismatch. He’s out.

Round 2:
Ben & his wife don’t match. He’s out.
Chrissy & her husband match. She wins.

Chrissy wins Reward! She gets to go to a picnic with her husband.

Jeff lets Chrissy pick someone to come along. She picks Ryan & his dad. She gets another pick. Mike & his wife. One more pick: Ashley & her dad. That’s all the bonus picks.

That seriously might have been the worst Survivor challenge I’ve seen, or at least that I can think of. What a dud.

Survivor 2017 Week 11: Immunity Challenge

After more than 30 days there’s little strength left in these here bones, but the castaways better find something to get them through this. They’ll be holding discs out at arms length and the last to keep both up will win safety at tonight’s Tribal Council.

As an added bonus, there’s a seashell standing out in front of Lauren, but we’ll have to see if she’s willing to grab it in front of everyone. That shell is the second half of the string that she found near camp with an explanation of needing both parts for this to count.

Ben is the first out, Chrissy second, then Ryan, and Lauren goes next. She sits down and grabs the seashell. There’s nothing to it and probably because she’s on the very end and it’s just a plain shell sitting a few feet from her platform. Kinda odd.

Mike goes next which leaves Devon and Ashley fighting for immunity. Devon asks if she wants to make a deal… they agree to a shoulder massage and Devon drops.

Ashley wins Immunity!

Survivor 2017 Week 11: Tribal Council

Someone is about to be voted off as we narrow down with just two weeks to go this season!

There’s LOTS of drama here tonight over Idols. Remember Lauren’s seashell? She gave it to Mike to show her trust in him to make sure Ben couldn’t rally the votes against her. Guess what Mike did with it? He threw it in the fire at Tribal! WOW! Things go nuts. Will it be Ben or Lauren?

Ben uses his Hidden Idol before Jeff reveals the votes.

Jeff reads the votes: Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, & Lauren. WHOA!

Lauren Rimmer was voted off Survivor!

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